2019 Recap: Public figures, celebrities, society rejecting ‘woke’ leftist ideas, movies, games

May 23, 2020

  • Barack Obama (ex-president) called out Cancel Culture, purity tests, and “woke” Twitter activism. “If I tweet or hashtag about how you didn’t do something right or used the wrong verb… that’s not activism.” Hail to the Chief, we salute him, one and all! ♡
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  • Dave Chappelle (Comedian) made a triumphant return to stand-up comedy via his special Sticks & Stones. Scything through modern taboos like Cancel Culture, offended woke activists, and the #MeToo era, Rotten Tomatoes proved it’s irrelevance with it’s low critic scores, while the public rated it near-perfect. ♡
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  • GamerGhazi (anti-GG subreddit) paused their campaign for self-censorship in entertainment when Alabama’s APT chose not to broadcast an Arthur episode featuring gay marriage. Welcome aboard, all Ghazelles who think “people might be offended” is no reason to stop others from enjoying their shows. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it! ♡
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  • Anita Sarkeesian (anti-GG activist) joins GamerGate in warning women attending the Game Developers Conference to be wary of male feminists that may be lurking, and that these supposed “allies” could very well be predators themselves. Spread the word, Anita! ♡
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  • Matt Loter (FemFreq disciple) makes peace with Jeremy Hambly (TheQuartering) after delivering a public video apology for assaulting him at GenCon in 2018 for besmirching Anita, and profusely renounced all accusations made against Jeremy. Now kiss! ♡
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  • Ana Valens (anti-GG activist) confessed she didn’t really want to write all that outrage-bait calling GamerGate and KiA alt-right fascists that threaten the trans community on The Mary Sue. She just wanted to get paid, and thinks they’re a joke just like we do! ♡
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  • The Mary Sue (feminist tabloid) admitted some feminists just pretend to like bad movies starring “strong female characters” to appear as good feminists, while secretly enjoying fun, sexy, problematic movies like Sucker Punch. Be unashamed and empowered, sisters! Welcome to GamerGate! ♡
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  • GamerGhazi (anti-GG subreddit) joined KiA’s protest line after Liu Yifei (Mulan) spouted controversial opinions on the brutal Hong Kong crackdown, turning off her film’s fanbase. Welcome! We’ll just scribble out Captain Marvel and write Mulan. Now we can all be misogynists “hating female heroes” together! ♡
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  • Scarlett Johansson (Avengers) became a full-fledged alt-right misogynist racist transphobic white supremacist neckbeard incel g*m*rg*t*r after saying she “isn’t thrilled” that political correctness is now policing actors, and her misgivings got taken out of context by “clickbait” news. Welcome to the pit, Scarlett. We got pushed in, too. ♡
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  • John Boyega (Star Wars) began his hero’s journey that should’ve been the focus of the new trilogy when he joined Star Wars alumni Anthony Daniels, Tim Rose, Tom Kane, and Mark Hamill (before Mark broke) in slam-dunking the new films, with John going on a social media shitposting tour that left fragile offendatrons literally shaking. ♡
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  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2020 film) director Jason Reitman announced this direct sequel would “hand the movie back to the fans.” Despite disciples of Ghostbusters (2016) wailing and shrieking, the world got mega-hyped and gave the trailer 365,000 thumbs-up. ♡
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  • Joker (2019 film) weathered a despicable smear campaign from woke clickbait trash who dubbed it “Incel terrorist: the movie”, promising mass shootings. Despite assuring fame to anyone who delivered, the Twitterati were devastated when the film premiered without incident and became the no.1 R-rated comic book film of all time. ♡
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  • Bellular Gaming (YouTube) posted a no-holds-barred callout of gaming journalists bloggers who show disdain for their audience and deliberately incite controversy. From the “trans model” of Cyberpunk 2077, to the “ableism” of game difficulty, to linking Trump to DoA 6! Nearly 200K subscribers enlightened! ♡
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  • Richard Lewis (esports reporter) is famous for his explosive CSGOLotto exposé and breaking stories that toppled CEOs. After winning Esports Journalist of the Year a second time, Richard used his acceptance speech to excoriate Kotaku, Polygon, and the now-defunct Waypoint as industry gatekeepers. Preach! ♡
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  • The Escapist (anti-GG news) gave a grovelling apology to Jeremy Hambly (TheQuartering) for a blatant smear piece they published, accusing him of using dog whistles to mask deep homophobic hatred for LGBT people in video games. Prostration accepted! ♡
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  • Extra Credits (anti-GG YouTube) denounced video games where you roleplay Nazis, lest gamers be subliminally influenced. They also recommend Song of Saya, featuring graphic loli child sex, rape, and extreme mutilation (“It manages to make the abominable, beautiful.” – Kotaku), because it has “artistic merit”. On that, we (reluctantly) agree! ♡
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  • Tarō Yamada (Liberal Democrat, otaku) sweeps election victory in Japan, pledging law reform to end mandatory censorship of hentai as dictated by Japan’s century-old criminal code. KiA & NeoGAF jointly toasted the impending end of pixellated hand-holding! ♡
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  • EVO (fighting game tournament) shut down their Twitch stream after two Japanese ladies demonstrated the realistic “jiggle mechanics” of DOA 6. After EVO insisted women laughingly going boing-boing didn’t reflect their “core values”, female gamers defended these women interrupting the blood-soaked murderfest to laugh about boobs. ♡
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  • Nessa (PokeMon) is a popular new character, but a Japanese artist was harassed by woke Americans for not coloring her dark skin dark enough. The Japanese PoC community united to support their persecuted peer by producing “White Nessa” fanart in defiance of western neo-colonialism! ♡
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  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore (video game) was advertised as uncensored, but Japanese fans were shocked when all global versions would be the censored western version. Result: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (uncensored) became the No.1 Wii U game on Amazon JP, Nintendo issued an apology, and promised refunds. Appreciated! ♡
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  • Devil May Cry 5 (video game) received perfect scores and a plethora of awards and accolades. But gamers were irked that an M-rated game had censored women’s derrières. Fortunately the game was patched after launch, censorship was removed, and grown adults got to play the game as intended! ♡
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  • Ion Fury (video game) devs buckled to ResetEra after a naughty shampoo bottle was seen in-game, and a dev said kids shouldn’t be trans at birth. Apologies, sensitivity training, and censorship followed… until gamers buying the game protested. The studio reversed course, reiterated their anti-censorship stance, and won Player’s Choice Indie of the Year! ♡
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  • Catherine: Full Body (video game) provoked cries of “transphobia” over a trans character appearing content in an untransitioned alternate timeline. Despite campaigns from ResetEra to rewrite the story, the game released unaltered (barring a name in the credits) and soared to No.2 in the sales charts! ♡
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  • Rimworld (video game) received many award nominations, but riled a woke PC Gamer reviewer for it’s “heteronormative” trans character backstories. Spoiler: they were true stories contributed by trans backers, and the trans community rushed to defend the devs and told PC Gamer where to stick it! ♡
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  • Earthworm Jim (video game) was announced to thunderous enthusiasm… until a Polygon writer warned it’d be “tricky” to review if creator Doug TenNapel is involved, who had misgendered Heather Alexandra (Kotaku). Fans flocked to support the devs, and Doug raised $1.2 million for his EJ comic (2nd largest comic crowdfunding in history)! ♡
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  • Life is Strange 2 (video game) united game journalists, ResetEra, and GamerGhazi in praising it’s bold depiction of underage children having sex (Vice: “the most awkward, relatable sex scene” performed by children in video games ever!). Not my thing, but here’s to defending art and free expression together! ♡
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  • THQ Nordic (games publisher) did an AMA on the delightful 8chan. After the entire internet freaks the fuck out, the AMA happens… and goes as expected. Naughty words, naughty pics, and after the inevitable mea culpa from THQ Nordic, they won several awards at Gamescom, including Best Games Company! ♡
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  • 8chan (image board) went down after Facebook livestreams yet another mass shooting (they keep doing that!). But after congress invited 8chan’s owner to discuss his staunch defense of the 1st Amendment, the chairman (D-Mass) and ranking member (R-Ala) thanked him for all he’s done, and the all-new 8kun is launched! Ara-ara! ♡
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  • Clickbait News (The Year of Hell)
    Blimps fell
    Crabs danced
    7,800 laid off!☠ 𝐁𝐔𝐙𝐙𝐅𝐄𝐄𝐃
    Layoffs: 220+
    International losses quadrupled.
    Editor-In-Chief bails
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    ☠ 𝐕𝐈𝐂𝐄
    Layoffs: 250.
    $1.9 million gender pay lawsuit settled.
    Editor arrested for global cocaine smuggling ring.
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    Verizon layoffs: 800
    HuffPo Opinion section: Shut down.
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    ☠ 𝐆𝐀𝐖𝐊𝐄𝐑
    Layoffs: everyone
    2019 relaunch collapsed
    Resigned: everyone
    Editorial Boss quits
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  • Kotaku (anti-GG news) published an article lamenting the low “quality” of video game porn, alongside graphic pics of underage (fictional) children having sex. While ResetEra argued the differences between Kotaku & 8chan, Kotaku’s editor removed the images and apologized for having no idea what articles get published on his site. Get fucked.
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  • The UN (United Nations) continued it’s proposal to outlaw all imagery and text featuring fictional minors they deem sexually provocative. Oh, and a male feminist UN official got arrested for molesting a teen. Yes, just like last year. Get fucked.
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  • ANN (Anime News Network) writers had moral objections against Rising of the Shield Hero because the hero was fighting a false rape accusation. Outrageous! #BelieveWomen. Also, ANN’s founder got accused of sexual assault. But ANN supports him! “She’s lying!” Get fucked.
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  • Gillette (men’s shaving) presented the short film “The Best Men Can Be” on YouTube, provoking massive backlash for lecturing on “toxic masculinity” and becoming one of YouTube’s most disliked videos. In odd coincidence, Gillette suffered a 5 BILLION dollar loss in 2019. “A market adjustment”. Uh-huh. Get fucked.
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  • Feminist Frequency (YouTube) collapsed, with Anita taking no salary and her co-hosts working voluntarily. Videos went from 1 million views to barely passing 1K. FF publishes financials as a non-profit, and apparently Anita really did spend a million dollars in revenue on crack, blackjack and hookers. Hey, if they’re good hookers… get fucked?
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  • NetherRealm Studios (game studio) implemented radical desexualization changes in Mortal Kombat 11 and disavowed lifelong fans. Despite cringey platitudes (Jax’s “We Wuz Wakandans” ending, Johnny Cage’s “Nazi” hand sign, etc.), lack of competition yielded great debut sales… but it’s official: sales are lower than Mortal Kombat XGet fucked!
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  • Red Bull (eSports) dived into Mortal Kombat 11’s desexualization drama and jeered the old “anime copy pasta” outfits. Realizing the insanity of mocking gamers/anime while courting gamers AND Japan’s monolithic energy drink market, they deleted the tweet, assigned a new account manager, and eventually abandoned the entire Twitter account. Get fucked.
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  • DC Comics created the Vertigo line in 1993, publishing award-winning, best-selling masterpieces like Sandman, Preacher, Transmetropolitan, Lucifer, Swamp Thing, We3, Y the Last Man, Fables… until DC “rebranded” Vertigo in 2018 so writers like Zoe Quinn could create “woke” comics. One year later, Vertigo shut down. Get fucked.
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  • USA Today (woke news) has published anti-Gamergate smears and pro-social justice articles for years, but halted everything when an old blackface/KKK photo of Governor Ralph Northam resurfaced. 78 reporters went on a nationwide audit of over 900 yearbooks to catch their own blackface prize. And they did: their own Editor-In-Chief. Get fucked.
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  • SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) made a lucrative business identifying “hate” extremists (i.e. GamerGate, Tim Pool, Christina Hoff Sommers, etc.) and deplatforming people… until being de-partnered by Twitter in 2019, and their founder AND president both resigned in disgrace for sexual harassment and racial discrimination. Get fucked.
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  • Private Companies (Can Make Whatever Rules They Want)
    >Conservatives & anti-SJWs deplatformed
    >SJWs: ヽ(◠▽◠)ノ -Yay!
    >”No right to a platform!”

    PayPal bans Pornhub. 100,000+ women lose their livelihoods.
    TikTok bans LGBT, overweight, and unattractive users.
    Blizzard bans esport winner for Hong Kong protest.

    (‘ヮ’ )

    Gee, who could have possibly seen this coming? Get fucked.
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  • Battlefield V (video game) had it’s sales kept secret all year, but EA finally admitted it: ultra-woke BF5 cataclysmically flopped “performed below expectations.” Oh yeah, and EA announced hundreds of layoffs and executive bonuses slashed. Get fucked!
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  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019 film) paid the price for The Last Jedi, earning less than both of it’s predecessors. Gee, it’s almost as if three generations don’t like it when the legendary heroes they grew up watching get retconned into sad, miserable failures and die. Get fucked.
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  • Terminator: Dark Fate (2019 film) continued Hollywood’s agenda of destroying modern mythology via Bad End’ing 21st century male heroes with the flippant murder of John Connor. Add in a derivative plot, bland Strong Female Characters™ and a woke director channelling Paul Feig, and Dark Fate was a box office disaster. Get fucked!
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  • Charlie’s Angels (2019 film) had a bold message: “Straight White Males: This Movie is NOT for You.” Apparently not for women either, as neither audience paid to watch it. The producer/director/writer/actor blamed misogyny; everyone else blamed her discarding the fun, sexy, action-adventure of the 2000 blockbuster. Get fucked.
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  • Batwoman (TV series) was a feminist disaster since day one after it’s gay lead actor Ruby Rose was decried by SJWs for not being gay enough. But #ShePersisted… only for ratings to completely tank as it’s joyless, ultra-woke feminist pandering lost nearly 70% of it’s already tiny audience. Get fucked!
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  • Star Trek: Discovery (TV series) enjoys another “every year’s a bad year” as ratings are kept hidden, more showrunners quit, tales of staff abuse, and now the only black writer leaves after being reported for using the n-word in the writers room. “I AM the n-word in the Writer’s Room!” STD: So White, So Woke. Get fucked.
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  • David Thier (Forbes) reviewed Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, failed abysmally, and spurred industry-wide calls for Easy Modes for gaming journalists the disabled. Surprise; a quadriplegic beat the boss that plagued David, proving again that game journos can’t hide behind “speaking for the marginalized”… they’re just utterly incompetent. Get fucked.
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  • Daemon Hatfield (IGN) published a review of the Resident Evil 2 remake, unimpressed at how Claire’s plot was identical to Leon’s. He was quickly mocked for the unfathomable mistake of missing half the game, with Claire’s entire scenario left unplayed. IGN updated the article, later “fixing” it to remove his original complaint… but archives are forever. Get fucked.
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  • Paul Watson (Eurogamer) tried to falsely copyright-strike TheQuartering for covering his and Kirk McKeand’s (VG 24/7) hateful anti-gamer screeds. So TheQuartering revealed Watson and another Eurogamer staffer were selling illegal bootleg Nintendo LP soundtracks. Paul closed his Twitter, ceased posting at Eurogamer, and vanished. Get fucked.
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  • Laura Kate Dale (Kotaku) published an article accusing Nintendo of including an ableist slur in Persona 5. Turns out Laura just “misheard” a lyric, and published without confirming. Woopsy! After going back and forth with Kotaku’s editors about who’s to blame, Kotaku and Laura decided to “part ways”, ending a career of woke outrage clickbaiting. Get fucked.
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  • Russ Pitts (Escapist EIC) resigns after “leaving politics at the door” with the all-new Escapist… which involved rehiring MovieBob, removing fair articles about GamerGate, and being harrassed by SJWs for an article saying “Yes, GG were Alt-Right Nazis… but ethics in gaming is worth discussing”. Oh, and the lawsuits and tales of staff abuse, too. Get fucked.
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  • Chelsea Cain (comic writer) had a “financially ruinous” year after the militant feminist writer of Mockingbird gets yet another comic cancelled! Man-Eaters was about young girl’s periods turning them into wolf monsters, but “TERFy” comments drove her beloved woke fanbase into an animal rage… “and then, they came for me.” Get fucked!
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  • Kate Leth (anti-GG comic artist) had her beloved woke base turn on her when she defended drawing porn of aged-up fictional children… but only when her queer friends do it! Because, y’see, queer people live outside societal norms of acceptability and are the bold avant-garde, and… stuff. TL;DR: “It’s okay when we do it” (and sell it for Patreon $$$). Get fucked.
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  • Heather Rae (The Tricorder Transmissions) felt secure as an #STLV podcaster to proclaim that she wished William Shatner had died instead of Leonard Nimoy, with her co-host defending her because CiS het white male privilege… etc. Shatner didn’t take this kindly, and following damage control from the Star Trek podcast, TTT announced both had moved on. Get fucked.
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  • Busayo Twins (activist) appeared on The Circle, a reality TV show played using real or fake social media personas. Busayo sockpuppeted a white male to prove they “earn respect sooner than women and PoC.” NOPE: Both women posing as men were dumped, while the men posing as women became finalists with one winning the show. Male privilege? Get fucked.
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  • Aaron Calvin (Des Moines Register) was an ex-Buzzfeed/VICE journo who dug through seven years of charity star Carson King’s Twitter after his beer fundraiser raised millions, and published offensive tweets Carson made when he was 16. Cue Aaron’s own racist/homophobic tweets being dug up, getting Aaron fired. [IASIP_theme.mp3] Get fucked.
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  • Jim Jefferies (TV host) recorded an interview with activist Avi Yemini and cut/spliced Avi’s answers onto different questions (like with Richard C. Meyer). But Avi secretly recorded the interview, showing his real answers and Jeff’s own racism. Outrage over grossly unethical behavior followed, and Comedy Central cancelled Jeff’s ultra-woke “news” show. Get fucked.
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  • Sarah Jeong (NY Times) is notorious for anti-white Twitter rants, doxing rape victims, and anti-GG activism, but was given a seat on the NYT Editorial Board in 2018 (which denounced “racists” like Roseanne). After a year overseeing quality content like “Everything is GamerGate” and propelling #CancelNYT, Sarah has been demoted to “contributor”. Get fucked.
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  • Peter Bright (Ars Technica) aka Dr. Pizza was yet another perfect embodification of the woke male feminist: obese, bespectacled, balding neckbeard “journalist” sermonizing diversity and vilifying GamerGate, anime, and Trump prolifically on GamerGhazi and Twitter. Naturally, he was arrested for arranging sex with 7yr old children. Get fucked.
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  • Alex Lifschitz (anti-GG producer) is an ex-Microsoft games producer who co-founded CON (Crash Override Network) with girlfriend Zoe Quinn, which closed after being exposed as a doxing hub and harboring sexual predators. Alex laid low… until accused of sexual misconduct, to which he confessed. Another anti-GG male feminist busted. Get fucked.
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  • Zoe Quinn (Marvel writer) became a pariah after publishing a blogpost about her ex, inciting an internet hate mob that targeted indie dev Alec Holowka that got him fired and ostracized, driving him to suicide. Post-mortem investigations revealed glaring falsehoods with Zoe’s accusations, most disturbing being her confessing to Eron Gjoni that she only entered indie gaming to seek “vengeance” on an ex she wanted to “bury”. Get fucked.
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  • MTG Salvation (Magic: The Gathering) hosted forums rivalling ResetEra in adherence to woke doctrine. Bans flowed like wine when #MagicGate erupted, alongside deranged articles linking GamerGate, Trump, and TheQuartering to the rise of Nazism. Guess who’s closing down, citing lack of resources and the inability to justify costs? Get fucked.
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  • Wizards of the Coast (Magic: The Gathering) fought bitterly against background checks for MtG judges overseeing children after TheQuartering revealed many had criminal records involving child sex crimes. But in 2019 WotC introduced the Judge Academy, which certified judges… pending background checks (infuriating the MtG subreddit). Get fucked.
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  • r/ Fantasy (subreddit) banned author Ed McDonald following multiple sexual harassment accusations. Turns out ALL the women and Facebook victims groups were fabricated by one /Fantasy mod. After this years-old fake #MeToo campaign was exposed, the mods apologized… but not to the sceptical redditors they banned, because #BelieveWomenGet fucked.
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  • Tumblr (LGBT safe space) hosted so much child porn on it’s platform, Apple had to ban the app. Incapable of removing the CP or the community posting it, Tumblr banned all NSFW content in 2018. So how did the all-new Tumblr of 2019 fare? They lost almost 40% of user traffic, and was sold at a 99% loss (bought for $1 billion, sold for $3 million). Get fucked.
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  • LOL League (GameJournoPros 2.0) was a secret online group in France who coordinated and perpetrated years of horrifying harassment against hundreds of women, feminists, LGBT, minorities, and female celebrities, driving many off social media. After their group was exposed, the now-fired harassers were publically identified as… anti-Gamergate journalists! Get fucked.
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