Black culture and black privilege; black teens steal car, run over their friend, parents blame owner of car, not the kids. Everything is someone else’s fault

Dec 25, 2021

The Aurora Police Department reports that 14-year-old Kashontez Grigler was riding as a passenger in a van which was stolen by his girlfriend.

Grigler was allegedly hanging on the front of the stolen minivan and fell off, causing the stolen vehicle to run over him. The girlfriend and driver of the stolen van took off on foot but later returned to the scene

Kasseem (the father) said that Kashontez’s girlfriend, the one who allegedly stole the van, is also hurting over what he terms as an accident. He said:

“She [the girlfriend] was my son’s homecoming date. It’s not even easy for her. They were friends and it was an accident.”

Kasseem believes that the victim of the stolen van had left the keys inside of the vehicle and Kashontez and his girlfriend could not avoid the temptation of stealing it. He said:

“The car was in the neighborhood and a group of kids; they saw the car and the temptation was there. Because of that, I lost my son.”

Does this mean when there is an opportunity to commit crime, it can be committed and then blamed on third parties who shouldve predicted that you are unable to resist. This is the logic of children. How can anyone raised in this culture of no consequences function as a productive member of society?

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