“Black Lives Matter” vs. “All Lives Matter, “White Lives Matter” or “It’s OK to be white” messages

Jun 10, 2020

“Loving your culture and placing your race first doesn’t make you racist” slogan – said about blacks is empowering, said about whites is white nationalism – white privilege doesn’t exist

  • “Black lives matter” = tolerant, progressive, inclusive, approved by police and governments.
  • “White Lives Matter” = racist, white supremacist, vandalism, hate crime.

The narrative is: We said “Black lives matter”, not ‘only‘ black lives matter.  105k upvoted reddit thread. But then why all the outrage and hate over #WhiteLivesMatter or “It’s OK to be white” ?

Compare to the outrage over the ‘It’s OK to be white’ message:

  • 150+ Cases Of Outrage, Manhunts Over ‘It’s OK To Be White’
  • Wikipedia on “It’s OK to be white”
  • Newsweek: It’s OK to Be White: How Fox News Is Helping to Spread Neo-Nazi Propaganda
  • Recently, posters were discovered on several walls at the University of Manitoba with the statement, “It’s okay to be white.” Other similar incidents were reported in HalifaxRegina and elsewhere around the world. Most who saw the paper print-outs denounced them as hate propaganda from white nationalists.
  • “It’s OK to Be White” Flyers Lead to Promise of “Severest Disciplinary Action” by Western Conn. State U. Same for “Islam is right about women” flyer — both are labeled “hate-filled flyers” by the University, and apparently the police and the FBI are investigating the distribution of the flyers.
  • Microsoft excludes Minecraft’s creator Notch from anniversary event over his ‘comments and opinions’
  • UConn’s College Republicans student group was sponsoring the appearance, entitled, “It’s OK To Be White,” featuring 29-year-old conservative commentator Lucian Wintrich. crowd chants “Go home Nazi!”  windows were broken amid the chaos and that officers arrested Wintrich for allegedly assaulting a student who grabbed his speech off of the podium.
  • ‘It’s OK To Be White’ Sticker Spotted In Polk Gulch “It felt weird to see something intentionally inflammatory like that in the city and I immediately wondered who had put it up.”
  • University of Alberta wants anyone who sees It’s OK to be White posters being put up to call security:

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And the outrage and hate over #WhiteLivesMatter hashtag:


“White lives matter” is now vandalism.

UK Met police endorses and allows “Afghan lives matter” protest to go on.

Australian senators have overwhelmingly united to block Pauline Hanson’s attempt to put forward an inflammatory “all lives matter” motion

Changing black lives matter to all lives matter is vandalism:


Compare to July 4th celebrations of America. The leftists get so triggered, they get a hashtag #AllCountriesMatter trending:




  • BBC host cries about how scary it is when “jewish privilege” begins trending and says how scary and angering it is. Then accuses a white lady of white privilege in a different clip.


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