Black privilege – Blacks go Crazy in Miami on 2021 Spring Break; Destroy Restaurants, Fight on the Street, Shootouts, Destroy Cars, Run Out Without Paying Tabs – City Enacts State of Emergency and Curfew, so “black leaders” say This is Unnecessary Force and Racism

Mar 23, 2021

March 2020, blacks go crazy, police crack down, NAACP says this is “racism”

“One operator on Ocean Drive told me that he thought it was the worst situation he’s seen in 30 years,” said Miami Beach Commissioner David Richardson.

That was 2020, now 2021:








Another shootout


Two blacks drug, rape woman who later dies.


Miami police arrest statistics; 1050 arrests, 398 felonies, 102 firearms seized


As soon as the city starts clamping down, “black leaders” say this is unreasonable force. How dare the government not let blacks keep destroying the city and terrorizing peaceful civillians…


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