Black Privilege and Leftist Terrorism that’s allowed to run amok – Random black is killed by police (Breonna Taylor); BLM, antifa and leftists are allowed to riot, keep entire cities hostage, cause chief of police to delcare a State of Emergency

Sep 21, 2020


  • Officers announced themselves, broke down door, were shot at and returned fire.
  • Breonna taylors name was on the warrant. So it was the correct house.
  • Affiant had LMPD tech unit place a “pole camera” at the intersection of S. 24th Street and Elliott Avenue. Within an hour of surveillance, Affiant witnessed approximately 15-20 vehicles go to and from 2424 Elliott Avenue within a short period of time which is indicative of trafficking in narcotics.


Interim Chief of Police Robert Schroeder declared a state of emergency for the Louisville Metro Police Department on Monday. The department has also canceled all off-day and vacation requests “until further notice.” The announcement comes ahead of Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s announcement in the Breonna Taylor case.


Leftist terrorists are holding an entire city hostage, forcing businesses to close and board up because of fake news race baiting about false police shooting statistics and the lies about black people being oppressed. Leftists in charge allow this to go on.

City on lockdown

Big box stores in the far suburbs of Louisville are boarding up their windows


20-09-23: Thousands march in New York


Reuters defends rioters calls them peaceful protesters after blm shot two cops


ABC local news defends rioters doesn’t know if shooting during the march is related to the march


Christina M. Johnson, President of Ohio State University race baits about blacks being killed, lies about Breonna sleeping when shot.


The power of propaganda and brainwashing. Completely false post saying that the cop was only charged for the shots missed.


Officer Leath was killed in April when the guy shot through the door. They knocked, announced themselves, and he shot through the door and killed her


Nancy pelosi lying and inciting violence:

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