Bryan Singer Allegedly Offered ‘X-Men’ Auditions, Roles In Exchange For Sex, Report Says

Aug 1, 2020

Bryan Singer, once lauded for helming one of the films that kicked off the modern superhero movie era, allegedly used “X-Men” roles and auditions as a way to get sexual favors from young men and once invited a sex offender to the set of the 2000 movie, a report said.

  • Bryan Singer allegedly offered auditions and roles in “X-Men” to young men in exchange for sexual favors, a report said
  • One on-set source denies Singer gave then-boyfriend Adam Robitel a cameo role for this reason
  • “X-Men” insiders said the casting of Pyro actor Alex Burton should have raised a “red flag”

The report also said that a number of young men, including some who were minors at the time, have claimed in published interviews that Singer offered “X-Men” auditions and roles in exchange for sex. THR noted that the smaller and extra roles were usually played by handsome young men.

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