CBC Bias/Propaganda: 500% more CBC headlines about Kamala Harris than Leslyn Lewis

Aug 22, 2020

Canada’s state broadcaster has given far more coverage to American Democrat vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris than it has to Conservative leadership candidate Leslyn Lewis, a True North review reveals.

Data show Harris netted 500% as many headlines from CBC mentioning her name than Lewis did since the Conservative leadership race commenced on January 13, 2020, with some going so far as to laud Harris’ for “making history” as a woman of colour.

As of August 17, CBC had published 45 different headlines referencing Harris, while only nine for Lewis.

To achieve this count, True North tallied search results from CBC’s website. The final results include all English language media content published by the national broadcaster, including from CBC News, CBC Radio and other affiliates.

Lewis and Harris have both made history as the first black females to run for their respective positions.

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