Coronavirus COVID-19, George Floyd/BLM/Antifa protests + riots and Trump/right wing rallies and protests – Fake news, Liberal vs. Conservative reaction and double standards

Apr 28, 2020


First the MSM downplays the coronavirus, equating it with the flu. More info in a post about the fake news propaganda in the beginning of the outbreak here.


Liberals are for lockdowns, quarantines, against protesters and anyone who wants to get back to work – unless there’s a demonstration or riot they want to attend. Then the coronavirus is not dangerous.

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March 2: CNN: Masks can’t stop the coronavirus in the US, but hysteria has led to bulk-buying, price-gouging and serious fear for the future:

Apr 6: Reddit and other leftist officials protest Gov. Kemp’s decision to open beaches in Georgia

Apr 19: Redditors praising Hillary clinton and nurses for being against the anti-lockdown protesters 


Apr 28: Redditors making fun of the anti-lockdown protesters and berating them for holding rallies:


Apr 29: Leftist redditors on /r/Edmonton hate on anti-lockdown protesters. 3k upvotes. Sign saying “Go home, you look like a bunch of dumb cunts”


Massive narrative shift after George Floyd killing.

Now it’s perfectly ok to go outside and demonstrate.


May 31: Supporting very large crowds of protesters in Minneapolis:

June 3: Supporting large crowds outside the white house :


June 4: Large memorials for George Floyd nobody cares about social distancing anymore.


June 5: Redditors praising armed black panther protesters: 




June 5: Praising Justin Trudeau for joining the protests:




June 6: Redditors hating on, making fun of  armed, peaceful white people just standing defending their neighborhood:




June 6: Over 1,000 health professionals sign a letter saying, Don’t shut down protests using coronavirus concerns as an excuse


June 6: Manhattan DA announces protesters arrested by NYPD will not be charged: ‘Our office has a moral imperative’


June 7: Leftist media and redditors perfectly OK with large ‘peaceful’ protests happening all over the country:


June 8: Redditors praising massive LA protests:


June 9: LA Protesters Arrested For Violating Curfew Won’t Be Charged


NPR: “Dozens of public health and disease experts signed an open letter in support of the nationwide protests.” But a Trump rally? “despite the deadly coronavirus pandemic”


Fake news coverage of the George Floyd protests compared to right wingers:

Newsweek fake news:

Newsweek then changes the headline – but the URL still stays the same mentioning Trump[mirror]


20-06-15: New York mayor De Blasio Tells Covid Contract Tracers Not to Ask Positive Cases If They’ve Attended BLM Protests


20-06-25: Major incident declared in Bournemouth as thousands of people flock to beaches. The council says it is “absolutely appalled” at the scenes, after a local MP said the crowds were the worst he has seen.
So rioting and demonstrating was ok. But going to the beach is a major incident…

Redditors crying about people going to the beach:

Here’s what the beach looks like without BBC’s fake news telephoto lens camera work. Looks like people are social distancing.

20-06-25: Leftists occupying city hall – and nobody reporting about the coronavirus spread or danger:

20-06-26: UK Northumbria police promotes BLM vigil gathering but strictly forbids counter protesters or anyone else from assembling

20-06-28 Met police facilitate “Afghan lives matter protest”

20-06-28 leftists celebrate massive crowds at pride parade:

July: double standards on coronavirus. Gov Gavin Newsom: stay home but protesting is still allowed.


July 3: Celine Gounder, a prominent infectious diseases specialist and epidemiologist, said Friday that President Trump‘s Fourth of July celebration at Mount Rushmore is “beyond irresponsible”

July 2 and 3:

20-07-24: The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday declined to lift a 50-person limit on religious services adopted by Nevada’s Democratic governor in response to the coronavirus pandemic. But casinos and movie theatres are allowed to have hundreds of people. Justice Samuel Alito wrote in a dissent that Nevada was discriminating against religious groups in favor of casinos, which under Governor Steve Sisolak’s reopening plans do not face the same 50-person limit on indoor gatherings.

20-07-24: Leftists and MSM spew propaganda about “wall of vets” and “wall of moms” who joined the Portland BLM / Antifa protests – no social distancing concerns here.

  • Portland “wall of moms” are just mentally ill non binary mother identifying folx:

  • 20-07-25: Days of memorials for Rep. John Lewis began on Saturday with a service in Troy, Alabama. But regular citizens aren’t allowed to hold services for their relatives, or see their dying relatives.

  • Lockdowns made little difference to the number of people who have died from coronavirus, a study has claimed. [source]






  • 20-07-30: How come famous people like Congressman John Lewis and “Saint” George Floyd are allowed to have funerals that violate social distancing policies, but regular folks can’t? Not to mention, open their businesses, or even go to work?



  • 20-07-31 Jim Jordan grills Fauci – asks him should government limit protesters – fauci tries to weasel out. So protesters could increase coronavirus risk, but he doesn’t want to end protesting.



  • 20-08-01: Brainless sheep wear masks on a beach:




  • Two men have been arrested for planning a protest where hundreds of people were set to “fill up the streets” and defy Melbourne’s lockdown






20-08-21: Impotent UK police stand and watch as Afghanis and Pakistanis hold celebrations, throw projectiles at them. But then give a fine to 3 families celebrating a birthday party in their backyard.


20-08-23: Stars attending VMAs from out of state will not be subject to New York quarantine mandate


20-08-29: Buzzfeed is suddenly concerned about lack of social distancing… during Trump’s RNC speech


20-08-29: MSNBC concerned about no social distancing at white house RNC speech but praises BLM protest also without social distancing:


20-08-29: New York Times concerned about social distancing at Trump speech but not march on Washington


Human Rights Campaign scolding Trump speech for no social distancing, then promotes and participates in march on washington


CNN contradicts themselves live on air – Trump RNC speech bad, March on Washington good.


20-08-29: Leftist MSM all concerned about social distancing for coronavirus, but only during Trump’s RNC speech. The mass riots, protests, demonstrations and gatherings for BLM are OK.



30-09-01 Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney dining indoors after banning indoor dining

20-09-01: Speaker Pelosi visits hair salon without a mask despite lockdown orders and herself wanting business owners arrested if operating against government orders


20-09-01 Victoria Australia woman arrested for incitement wanting anti mask protest


20-09-03 San Francisco Government Buildings Keep Gyms Open, Crush Private Gym Owners


20-10-03 bill de blasio closing certain restaurants


20-10-06: California governor asks people to put their masks on between bites of food.


20-11-19: Australian police forbids people to go outside to walk their dog or exercise – because they have 20+ new cases


20-09-02: Nancy Pelosi seen without mask inside San Francisco hair salon


20-11-18 Gavin Newsom at Michelin star restaurant birthday party where he dined in a group of 12 without wearing a mask – despite telling Californians they can only celebrate Thanksgiving outside


San francisco mayor london breed dined at restaurant after lockdown orders

20-11-30 Los Angeles county supervisor sheila kuehl voted to ban outdoor dining – then goes out to restaurant


20-12-08:  Leftists want everything closed – but keep their SNL show open using loopholes


20-12-20: Large majority 74% of Britons support more stringent tier 4 lockdowns


Quebec – you can’t buy dollar prizes but you can buy gum right next to them

Quebec – can’t buy “non essential” items in stores




Compare to the right wing / conservative reaction who wanted lockdowns lifted and for everyone to get back to work.

Effects of long-term quarantine leading to a long recession:

Unemployment has long been associated with a significantly increased risk of death in general, particularly for low-skilled workers in the U.S.. The risk of heart disease, the leading cause of death in the U.S. at almost 650,000 deaths per year, has been shown to increase by 15–30 percent in men unemployed for more than 90 days. Among older workers, involuntary job loss can more than double the risk of stroke, which already claims 150,000 lives in the U.S. per year, as well as increase the likelihood of depressive symptoms that then persist for years. Such harms are likely exacerbated by concomitant longer term social isolation, which in of itself is associated with a 30 percent increase in mortality risk. Loneliness and social isolation have been associated with a 29 percent increase in risk of incident coronary heart disease and a 32 percent increase in risk of stroke. The scale of these elevated health risks is significant—comparable to that caused by taking up light smoking or becoming obese.

The loss of earnings associated with being on a recessionary economic curve upon graduation also leads to adverse and lasting health outcomes. Graduating in a recession is associated with roughly a 6 percent increase in that cohort’s mortality rate, adjusting for age. A 1 percent increase in state unemployment level when first entering the job market has been associated with a 6.7 percent increase in depressive symptoms among men by age 40. [source]

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