Coronavirus Totalitarianism, Dystopia; Quebec’s Legault Says Debate on vaccine passports would expose Quebecers to conspiracy theories – “Do what we tell you, sheep, don’t dare question us”

Aug 13, 2021

MONTREAL — Quebec Premier Francois Legault is refusing to hold a debate in the legislature on vaccine passports partly because he says he fears Quebecers would be exposed to conspiracy theories.

Legault adds that neither debates nor legislative hearings are needed on his government’s plan to impose vaccine passports because the three largest opposition parties support the health order.

Quebec’s second and third largest opposition parties, however, have called for a debate in the legislature on the passport system.

Legault says he feels he has support from citizens for passports because 85 per cent of residents over 12 have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

Strawman fallacy on full display:

Speaking to reporters in Saguenay, Que., north of Quebec City, Legault said today he doesn’t want people “whom I won’t name” to explain that vaccines are a conspiracy and the government is looking to put chips in people’s arms to track their movements.

Legault has said the state will require people to show proof of vaccination to access non-essential businesses such as gyms and restaurants by Sept. 1.

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