Coronavirus Vaccine Side Effects – Healthy Young Athletes Collapsing or Dying – Myocarditis

Sep 25, 2021

Christian Eriksen Collapses at Euros due to heart issue

Two West Indies Players – Chinelle Henry, Chedean Nation Collapse on Field:

Atletico Madrid striker collapses in training and requires medical attention 

Brazilian soccer player Alex Apolinario dies after collapsing on pitch during match in Portugal

Britain’s Jack Draper collapses at Miami Open 

Indonesian doubles star Kido dies of heart attack at 36 

Ghanaian referee collapses during AFCON Match 

Referee Bert Smith collapses on court, taken off on stretcher during first half of Gonzaga-USC men’s Elite Eight game 

Josh Downie: Cricketer, 24, dies after heart attack at practice

Ex-Parma footballer Giuseppe Perrino dies aged 29 at brother’s memorial match after collapsing while playing

Raymond van Barneveld collapses and receives paramedic attention during PDC Players Championship

Volleyball player collapses during game, dies

The Frenchman, 20, suddenly fell unconscious in worrying and distressing scenes, he had a tachycardia attack, an abnormal electrical impulse in his heart, causing him to lose consciousness.

Ethan Jovani Trejo, a 16-year-old soccer player, collapsed on the field during conditioning

Samuel Kalu, 24, collapses minutes into football game:

Roy Butler, 23, Irish footballer Watford FC dies after Jansen:

FA Youth Cup – player suffered sudden cardiac arrest on the field :

Vinny Curry, 33, out for season due to blood clots:

Australian sailor Cameron Dale, 29, dies after catastrophic stroke:

Two young Columbia High school footballers die:

Bollywood’s star, 40, dies following heart attack

Tom Felton, 34, collapses during golf game:

Francis Perron, 25, dies after football game –

Parys Haralson, 37, former Saints line backer dies

Jimmy Hayes, 31, former Bruins player unexpectedly dies:

Kjeld Nuis, 31, Dutch professional skater admitted to hospital with inflamed heart:

John Stokes, 21, athlete at Tennessee Uni hospitalized with heart inflammation:

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