Dr. Johan Grant was removed from teaching a psychology course as a result of complaints from several female students who felt offended

May 14, 2020

One course module, the so-called Externatet, of the program for future psychologists at Lund University, Sweden, centered around the theme “Where is dad?,” which turned out to be more problematic than one might have thought. Several female students perceived the theme as sexist, and a lesbian student viewed it as excluding and “homophobic.” Some even reacted with depression and anxiety attacks, which in one case reportedly “lasted several months.”

Johan Grant has commented on the matter in a student magazine. According to him, the course is about challenging three notions that he believes to contradict science: 1) being exposed to difficulties harms people rather than strengthens them, 2) emotions are more rational than reason, and 3) life is a struggle between good people and evil people.

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