Fake news ABC “fact checks” Pence / Harris debate, but only posts negative things about Pence’s claims

Oct 8, 2020

  1. Pence misleads when comparing COVID-19 pandemic to H1N1, Obama administration response
  2. Pence overstates China travel restrictions
  3. Pence defends White House event after over a dozen COVID-19 cases, does not mention indoor portion
  4. Pence misleads on pandemic employment
  5. Pence claims that Biden and Harris want to ban fracking — but it’s complicated
  6. Pence exaggerates US testing capacity, PPE availability
  7. Pence says Biden called China travel restrictions ‘xenophobic,’ but that’s not clear
  8. Pence falsely says Trump has released health care plan and that it would protect preexisting conditions
  9. Pence claims Biden will raise taxes on every American — but increases will largely be shouldered by wealthiest. Tax experts largely agree that under his plan a broad swath of American households could also see a very small increase in their taxes.
  10. Harris has liberal voting record, but Pence’s claim she’s ‘most liberal’ leaves out context
  11. Pence peddles discredited claim that universal mail-in voting leads to massive fraud

Literally all digging into pence’s claims. Blatant anti Trump propaganda.

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