If coronavirus doesn’t discriminate, how come black people are bearing the brunt?

Apr 9, 2020

I wanted to  believe the comforting thought that, when it comes to coronavirus, we are all in this together.. That knowing we’re all equally at risk, we’re pulling together in the same direction, bearing the strain equally.

The false nature of this belief was initially most obvious in relation to class. Once the lockdown was imposed, a gulf very quickly opened up between those on full salaries working on laptops from home, fretting about having to cancel Easter holidays, and those living hand to mouth, fretting about how to feed their children and avoid being made homeless.

Government advice revealed its ignorance of how many people actually live. How do you self-isolate when you live in cramped or shared accommodation? How do you reduce shopping trips to once a week when you have little or no storage space? And if you do want to go to the park or do an extra shop, you now risk not only infection, but coming into contact with the police, some of whom are zealously taking advantage of their new social control powers.

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