Britain: “Asians” (Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Indians) are 10x more dangerous than whites

Mar 5, 2020

Official figures showed that that 117 white people were arrested on suspicion of terror offences in 2019, compared with 111 Asian suspects and 21 black suspects. When looked at per-capita, considering how “Asian” people make up just 7% of the population, they are MUCH more dangerous. And yet the government says white people are dangerous.

This means that out of 4.3 million Asians, 111 were arrested. Compared to 117 whites out of a population of 55 million.

Showing us that “Asians” are 10+ TIMES MORE DANGEROUS.

But the title they use: More white people arrested over terrorism than any other ethnic group for second year in a row

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