ITALY: Head of Migrant Center Says She Was Raped by Nigerian Migrant Living at Facility

Jul 15, 2020

The head of a migrant center in Sicily was allegedly raped by an African resident of the very migrant center, reports Il Giornale.

Taking place in the Palermo region a tearful victim retold her story to Judge Lorenzo Matasso and prosecutor Paola Cucchiara on July 15 as her alleged suspect, Nigerian migrant Hope Omnolodion, was tried in absentia as he still remains at large.

The tearful anonymous woman recalled how Omnolodion would act inappropriately toward the women at the migrant center. He would allegedly verbally and physically abuse some of the women, with his behavior quickly becoming sexual.

“The [guest] [expressed more feelings] and manifestations of desire towards me,” she said. “[In] the beginning he made some appreciations with jokes about my physical appearance later a short distance away, these compliments, let’s say, have degenerated. The guest especially seized the moments when maybe I found myself alone in the office and approached me, approaching me, taking me by surprise from behind.”

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