Jim Gaffigan Goes Full Anti-Trump: ‘Fascist Who Has No Belief In Law’

Aug 28, 2020

Jim Gaffigan’s arc is best expressed in two headlines. The first, from a Daily Beast story last August: “Why Jim Gaffigan Would Rather Joke About Brain Tumors Than Trump.” The second? A Daily Beast headline from today, exactly one year later: “Famously Apolitical Jim Gaffigan Finally Loses It Over Trump.”

“Look,” the comedian said in 2019. “I’m a doughy white guy. So I learned when I talk about politics, it makes people uncomfortable.”

“I would say I’m very left-leaning, but I have too much self-doubt,” he told the Beast. “I change opinions on political things. Not on like, Trump. I love having discussions about it, but I’m always learning. So I don’t want to grab some soap box on a certain issue if there might be nuances to it.”

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