Leftist Pedo normalization – Netflix show cuties and the reaction from ‘journalists’ compared to regular people

Sep 10, 2020


Leftist journalists jump to defending the pedo show ‘cuties’ painting it as some conspiracy theory by right wingers that the show is full of pedo imagery. This is not the first time that leftists are concerned about conservatives being offended by pedos.


The “Dost Test” to tell if imagery is pedophilia or not – cuties fills all the 6 factors:



Scott Brody of the New Yorker defending the pedo enabling Netflix show ‘cuties’ – says it was the target of a right wing campaign. So now if you’re against pedos you are right wing. What does that make left wingers?

Sundance, Co-Founded by Convicted Pedophile, Awards Netflix’s ‘CUTIES’ Film Featuring Twerking Preteens. Co-founder of festival that gave award to film about 11-year-old girls twerking is alleged child molester


Washington Post’s Alyssa Rosenberg defends ‘cuties’


Rolling stone is implying only right wingers are against pedophilia:


Slate magazine is concerned that right wingers are against pedos



Rotten tomatoes gives great reviews by critics, but less than 5% by regular people:


Producer of the movie Sylvain de Zangroniz – dual citizen of Israel.


Mother Jones defends pedos, concerned about “right wing” conspiracy theories that want to stop pedophilia


Newsweek defending pedos, asking why the alt right is so concerned about pedophilia. How dare right wingers want to end pedophilia?

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