Mass Shooting Averted: Black Male Wearing Body Armor, Carrying Eight Firearms and Hundreds of Rounds of Ammo peacefully arrested at a Bass Pro Shops by police – not outright killed like BLM activists like you to believe

Sep 20, 2020

Spanish Fort Police Chief John Barber identified the suspect in the Bass Pro shooting as 38-year-old Robert Smith a black male from the Grove Hill area. Barber says Smith is being treated for a medical condition at present not related to his arrest. He says the second person taken into custody Saturday, a woman, has been released and there are no charges pending for that person at this time.

“It does not appear she was assisting him, it appears the actions she was taking trying to prevent him from continuing on from what he was doing,” said Barber. The chief said Smith came armed with hundreds of rounds of ammo, several different firearms and was wearing body armor.

“He had three AR-style weapons, he had an AR-style pistol, he had a 9 mm rifle, a shotgun, and two 9 mm pistols,” said Barber describing the weapons they say Smith came with. Barber said they don’t have an exact count right now on how many shots were fired but they recovered at least 30 casings so far and believe they came from at least three different weapons. Barber said not a single shot was fired by SFPD, they subdued the suspect with a Taser.

They’re still trying to determine what motivated the shooting. The chief says the two were passing through from Florida but it’s not clear why Smith stopped at the outdoor mega-retailer. At this point Barber says they’re certain, based on the suspect’s actions and tools, they averted what could have been a tragic mass shooting.

This story was barely covered by any MSM. Imagine if a Trump supporter was arrested with this many guns.

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