Media Ignored Alleged Shooting Attack on Trump Supporters

Dec 9, 2020

A South Carolina prosecutor says a 23-year-old man shot into a crowd of Trump supporters in late August. And — surprise, surprise — this is something our useless national media don’t want anyone to know about.

“A South Carolina prosecutor argued in court that Marquise Damarius Asomani intended to shoot at the people,” reported the Rock Hill Herald. “However, the lawyer representing Asomani said her client, and others in the car, were ‘unwise,’ but there was no intent to hurt anyone.”

Unwise as far as what? Pointing a firearm at a group of people over their support for President Trump? And then pulling the trigger a few times?

According to the media report, the alleged victims were returning from or heading to a Trump speech in Charlotte, North Carolina. They were out having a good time, had their Trump flags flying, and this guy allegedly came along the other way and fired at them at least four times.

Luckily no one was hurt, but according to local media there is video of the incident, and it shows Asomani “firing from the car.”

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