Muslim Syrian Immigrant Terrorists Kills 10 Peope in Boulder Colorado – Racist Anti-White Leftist Pundits and Politicians Were Hating on and Blaming White People Before Learning He Was Brown

Mar 23, 2021

White Privilege is: “being blamed anytime a shooting happens”

Just try to imagine any of these pundits calling out “Brown Muslims” after an islamic terrorist attack… why is it ok to hate on and call out “white men” after this one?


Deranged anti white racist Alex Cole gets 200k likes promoting race baiting anti-white rhetoric on Twitter:


Anti white racist CJ Werleman blames white people:

Amy Siskind blaming white people for crimes of Muslim terrorist:


As soon as anti-white Amy Siskind learned the terrorist was non white, she wanted to forget his name and not talk about him:


Professional race grifter Tariq Nasheed also blames white people for the actions of a brown muslim terrorist:


Anti-white Hemal Jhaveri, a race and inclusion editor at USA today (whatever the fuck that means) blames angry white men for the actions of a brown terrorist:


Uzair Hasan Rizvi who works for AFP Fact Check blames white people for actions of a brown terrorist, spreading race baiting misinformation…


Brainwashed lemming David Hoffman instantly blames right wing MAGA white male for actions of muslim terorrist:

Number one white people hater and terrorist sympathizer Ilhan Omar says only when non whites commit crimes their races are shown which is literally the opposite. When blacks commit crimes, their race is never mentioned.


Right on cue, democrats push for more gun control


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