Fake News, NY Times on Hydroxychloroquine: Trump’s Embrace of Unproven Drugs to Treat Coronavirus Defies Science – Later Proven Wrong

Mar 20, 2020

April 6:

Detroit rep says hydroxychloroquine, Trump helped save her life amid COVID-19 fight



Doctors and patients also worry that the president’s rosy outlook for the treatments will exacerbate shortages of old malaria drugs relied on by patients with lupus and other debilitating conditions.


Malaria Drug Helps Virus Patients Improve, in Small Study

A group of moderately ill people were given hydroxychloroquine, which appeared to ease their symptoms quickly, but more research is needed. [source]

Trump Urges Coronavirus Patients to Take Unproven Drug

He said the government was putting millions of doses of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine into an emergency stockpile even though it has not been approved for Covid-19 treatment. [source]

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