Police shooting of Rayshard Brooks and subsequent biased coverage by MSM and reaction by BLM and politicians

Jun 14, 2020

Media coverage and politicians reaction to a drunk belligerent black man; Rayshard Brooks who resisted arrest, fought with officers, stole their taser that he then fired at them and was shot and killed.



Rioters burn down the Wendy’s:

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Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms calls for the “immediate termination” of the police officer who shot and killed Rayshard Brooks


Chicago Tribune biased coverage:


ABC News fluff piece:


Atlanta fake news Magazine: “Peaceful protesters, and then the Wendy’s caught on fire


Associated press leaving out so many details and race baiting:


CNN fluff piece about him wanting to see his daughter:

BET leaving out all the details:


The Fulton County District Attorney says the police killing of Rayshard Brooks was “unreasonable”


ABC “news” omits his criminal history, talks about his hard work and dedication to family


NPR omitting that he resisted arrest, attacked the officers, stole their taser, and tried to fire it at them.



Truth about Rayshard:


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