Racist race baiter Shree Paradkar: (Mostly) white covidiots at Trinity Bellwoods Park think the rules don’t apply to them. They’re right

May 26, 2020

I wonder if the news about who is most at risk from COVID-19 — the racialized have-nots — has created a sense of inoculation among the haves. It’s affecting those people, not us, unless we’re old.

So in this racists mind white people are such scum that they all know how covid affects non whites, and all white people use this information to go out and have fun to spite all the “racialized” people.

Photographs doing the rounds on social media showed thousands of what looked like white people milling around in crowds in the west-end park, as if millions of other Torontonians were not holding back from precisely that because common sense. And courtesy. And safety.

“Damn white people doing bad things, all the non whites have common sense”

No doubt there were racialized folks among those gathered — fools come from all races — but they were protected by the overwhelming whiteness of those around them.

Damn white privilege again

A couple of weeks ago, a Tamil friend in our suburban neighbourhood was taking his children for a walk, observing all social-distancing protocols. A white man working on his front lawn chided him for being outside and told him to get off the sidewalk and walk on the road.

Did you hear that, one anecdote of a bad white person means racism is everywhere.

Has the province sought the might of the police to keep all of us safe or only some of us safe? Why does the amount of melanin in the wrongdoer dictate who gets off, and whom we choose to perceive as wrongdoer in the first place?

Guess there’s no one quite like covidiots to expose the toxic hierarchies that operate under pretty ideals of egalitarianism.

Pure seething white people hate. [article mirror]

If we’re going by anecdotes, here’s a white family that was fined $880

Print edition of the Toronto Star had an even more racist headline:


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