Racist threats and attacks that rattled a California university campus were faked, police say

Apr 14, 2020

An activist at La Verne University who claimed to be the target of racism has been charged with perjury and filing false police reports.

Every single one in this photo will get what’s   coming to them,” read the ominous Instagram message sent to several students of color at the University of La Verne, east of Los Angeles, in March 2019. The accompanying black-and-white photo was of a group of outspoken students who were well-known on campus for organizing anti-racism protests. Seen in the photo: Anayeli Dominguez Peña, a Mexican-American graduate student and vocal social-justice campaigner. She had been instrumental in organizing numerous protests in the Decolonize ULV group she co-led.

“That wet back bitch Anayeli and that n—r Jasmine need to SHUT THEIR DIRTY F—ING MOUTHS. WE KNOW WHERE THEY LIVE AND WHAT CARS THEY DRIVE,” the threat continued. (Newsweek has redacted the explicit slurs that were spelled out in the messages.) “If one of them DIRTY BITCHES get it after night classes you know why. This ain’t no f—ing colored AMERICA.”

News of the racist threat quickly spread through social media, stoking fear on the campus of over 8,600 students. The university had already been marred by student accusations that the administration wasn’t doing enough to combat racism and protect minority students. Those pictured in the threat were called to an emergency meeting where administrators detailed a safety plan for the victims. It included increasing security, making available escort walking buddies and providing rides as needed.


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