REPORT: Pro-Migrant Activist ‘Raped’ By Migrant Who’s Also Pro-Migrant Activist

Apr 5, 2020

A female French pro-migrant activist has accused a Moroccan migrant–who is also a pro-migrant activist–of raping her.

The woman was allegedly raped in a mobile home parked at a Les Palominos beach campsite, near Calais–home of the infamous migrant camp for migrants wishing to gain access to the UK, which was previously destroyed.

According to local paper Voice of Europe reported on an incident at pro-migration rally in Montpellier where attendees were assaulted and robbed by migrants.

National File reported on a similarly sad case in September of 2019, where an aspiring doctor and pro-migration activist was stabbed to death by a migrant–and former lover–she was housing in her apartment.

Medical Student, Audrey Coignard, 27, was stabbed to death on September 16th allegedly by a man believed to be an immigrant and ex-partner who was staying at her home.

Coignard was brutally stabbed fourteen times and found in a pool of her own blood at her home in Saint-Ouen, near Paris.

Coignard, a medical student in Caen, volunteered for activist causes, offering assistance to migrants at different locations in Normandy, Northern France.

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