Slowly Creeping Marxism – How to Subvert Society, Clean the Police and Army of Patriots And Set Up an Authoritarian Regime in the West (boriquagato on substack)

Nov 19, 2021

When a child makes a chess move you do not understand, it’s easy to dismiss it as “oh, that was foolish” but when someone who has just run won 40 in a row does it, you might want to pause and say “huh, what am i not understanding here?” sometimes there is a long game underneath and many of the best players will hide a distant trap in a gambit designed to allay suspicion by appearing ill conceived.

but when you watch enough games, you can see the shape of the endgame coming by how the middle game emerges. you can see what outcomes a player has ultimate designs upon by what leverage they want now.

the state of the board foretells the future.

and there look to be some NASTY games going on.

let’s take everyone’s current favorite: making the military woke and emphasizing diversity, inclusion, and intersectional obsession until we finally work up to replacing rank insignia with little silver lists of pronouns.

it’s easy to look at a military unit and say “this needs to be optimized to win wars and nothing else” and then see all these initiatives to wokeify it as the sort of catastrophic conceits and obsessions the lead the the end of empires.

it’s easy to poke fun.

but dismissing this as “stupid” is something you do at your own peril.

it is ANYTHING but stupid. it’s planful and it’s calculated.

sure, this will likely diminish the military’s ability to fight a foreign war or project power.

this is not about that.

this is about optimizing something altogether different:

this is about creating a military indoctrinated into a culture that will render it ready to wage war upon its own people.

that is always the authoritarian endgame.

you cannot have a police state if the police are against you.

you cannot run a despotism if the army stands with the people and not the elites.

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and IF those groups are not with you, you need to eliminate them, sideline them, neuter them, or change them so they suit your needs.

and ALL this has been going on.

this is NOT about right vs left. that’s the ruse, the stage magician’s flourish to hide the bunny.

this is about authoritarian vs free.

and you need to internalize that because that is the real fight.

“defund the police” sounds stupid.

but is it?

what if what you seek is chaos and to get rid of the folks whose local autonomy, control, and cultures are too strong for you to force “woke” upon them?

you can grab the FBI and DOJ because they are federal, centralized, and easy to indoctrinate from the top down, but the police are too spread out, too diverse, and too autonomous. you cannot easily capture them from the center.

sure, folks in blue have been worryingly complaint in enforcing covid mandates, but just how far can you push them? are they really going to start arresting people for going to work unjabbed and become the rubber meets road part of authoritarian imposition that rounds up dissidents for speaking out or walking their kids into a schoolhouse?

in most of the US, i doubt it.

austria seems to be running into some trouble there…

and this is the nightmare of every would be cadre seeking to impose their authoritarian designs upon an unwilling populace:

you call for the praetorian guard to put down the rabble and they arrest you instead.

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now do you see why so many in this group seem to favor “defund the police”?

do you see why they favor the imposition of ideologies antithetical to functional fighting fitness upon the military to hound out the capable and the free thinking and leave a corps of woke leaders selected for commitment to dogmatic purity and soldiers who will follow absurd diktat over sense or community?

because that’s the real rub.

to get a military to turn on its own people is no mean feat.

most truly despotic regimes manage it by making the military one of the few comfortable careers, especially if you throw in “freedom from midnight police raids” as a bonus.

better to be the boot than the head it kicks…

but this will not work in the west. better paying jobs abound. no one becomes a soldier because the pay is so amazing or to beat up on neighbors they dislike.

you need another means to turn them against their society, and that means is woke ideology.

woke is custom made to divide, vilify, and radicalize.

it’s a secular system of original sin that, by definition, encompasses and others anyone not actively and constantly seeking contrition and redress through unabashedly accepting and prostrating oneself before the system.

think in ANY other terms or on any other axis and you’re anathema.

you cannot deny it or avoid it. that’s the whole point. this is a feature, not a bug.

it’s just a secular version of “there is no god but god.”

there is no struggle but THE STRUGGLE™.

all must pay it homage and render it service or be branded “enemy.” this is the literal canon of the genre, its definitional integument.

armies do not generally decide to “become the bad guy” and prey upon their own people. they need to be convinced that YOU are the bad guys.

so “leaders” fill their heads with doctrine that the world is fundamentally bad, riddled with systematic racism, sexism, classism, and any other ism that helps establish “us” vs “them” and demands the intervention of the state for there to ever be justice.

this is how you make putting down your own people seem heroic and just.

you describe any who do not agree as either a reactionary seeking to fight the truth to hold onto unjust privilege or a useful idiot whose consciousness needs to be elevated.

even the alleged victims themselves can be so tarred leading to the dubious spectacle of becky from vassar telling an incredulous black grandmother about how she does not understand oppression.

it’s a whole nested matryoshka doll of kafka traps.

anyone who resists “proves” they are an enemy of the people and of justice.

and armies are for fighting enemies, right?

  • this breaks family structures turning brother on sister and child upon parent.
  • it eliminates community groups because anything not organized on these precise political lines becomes “part of the structural problem.”
  • this goes double for churches.

it helps if you start co-opting your brownshirts to be when they are young and impressionable.

you teach them to participate in, regurgitate by rote, and commit to ideologies they are too young to possibly understand so that by the time they can, they’re utterly indoctrinated into your specific milieu of thinking and can only see the world as you have framed it.

you’re taught them to see every system but yours as the enemy thereby alienating them from all communities save yours.

and guess who they are raising this new collective consciousness of social justice warriors to one day fight against?

this is the same plan used by marxist regimes all over the world and all through history.

you take over the schools and teach an ideology that “the world and the people in it are fundamentally broken and only through government and conscious collective action and submission can it be fixed.”

you teach that the society stands paramount above the individual and they the people serve the collective.

of course, the leaders stand (and speak) for the collective and so, you serve them, not they you. you think you’re pursuing justice, but it’s really just subjugation and elitist privilege selling itself with doublespeak.

war is peace.

freedom is slavery.

if you can inculcate this mythos into the new military recruits and feed them a steady diet of fear of american systems and denizens, soon you have a force that IS ready to round up we the people as enemies of the state and will feel as righteous as any university cancel culture mob while doing so.

it has happened before.

you can see this in the handling of 1/6 where the justice department is engaging in show trials and long, arbitrary detentions for minor, non-violent offenses that basically amount to “loitering politely in a lobby” or “lectern appropriation” while treating the “mostly peaceful protesters” who burned and looted cities, federal buildings, and police stations with kid gloves and releasing essentially all of them on no bail and no charges.

the political preferencing is surreal.

so is the embellishment of threat.

an hour in the rotunda is insurrection. a month of occupying an autonomous zone in seattle is “a valid expression of grievance.”

the same people who claim “you need nukes and fighter-planes to take on the US so why bother having guns?” turn around and tell you that unarmed cosplay shamen sitting in a chair nearly unseated the federal congress.

you can see it in the way the FBI has, for years, become beholden to one political party to the point of investigating political foes, lying to get warrants on them, participating in outright disinformation campaigns to influence elections, and increasingly using “woke” definitions to render we the people subject to the to the ignominiously named patriot act.

note that it is precisely resisting the woke indoctrination of children into critical race theory, gender theory and other forms of post modernist marixism that brought this to a head. this is a backlash against parents wanting a say in what their children are taught. that does not seem like a healthy impulse for a government to have.

and it came right from the top.

these folks desperately want a reichstag fire to validate a crackdown and more and more pretexts to spy upon, track, and license you. (well, except to vote, clearly that would be too difficult…)

and almost no one in government is really resisting this, despite what many seek to pantomime.


these are OUR kids not yours, seems to be the view adopted by the federal government. this is the classic destruction of the family structure used by marxists and fascists alike.

loyalty is to the state, not the parents. and this has been going on for a LONG time. it’s taken over the universities, the high schools, the elementary schools, and even younger. this cadre of the co-opted and radicalized has become vast.

each little facet of this thing looks stupid on many boards, but as a unified edifice on the board of “how do we set up for an authoritarian/totalitarian takeover?” you can see the shape of the plan and its long term implications.

you divide a society against itself, break up the groupings that make it resilient, allow license to your own shock troops and ruthlessly suppress dissent.

you make it clear that the children are yours, not the parents’. you indoctrinate and intimidate.

you eliminate the fractious bottoms up authority (like police) that you cannot co-opt and take over the top down branches of justice and FBI and IRS that you can.

you spy, surveil, and fabricate a series of “domestic insurrection” threats to validate treating your people like terrorists.

finally, you turn the military into a force willing to fight we the people.

that’s the marxist/fascist dictator’s handbook.

and they have been playing it to near perfection for decades.

perceptions have been wildly warped.


honestly, i think covid wrecked it for them.

it was too much, too fast. it was like having to commit to shooting the moon 2 tricks too early in hearts. there are still cards in your hand you cannot figure out how to win with. you have the king of hearts, but not the ace. this means that unless your opponent is stupid, you’re cooked. your hand has “24 points” written all over it.

their careful construction of interlocking structures of power and commanding heights got pushed into a hectic, ad hoc blitzkrieg and they lost cohesion and defensibility.

worse, they lost deniability. they became too obvious, too flagrant, too fast, and pushed on too many fronts all at once.

such a strategy requires momentum, and they lost it.

there is no element of surprise anymore. unless you have a lay down hand, half of shooting the moon is masking your intention. and they do NOT have a lay down hand.

they’re caught out.

and now it’s time to roll this back. bigly.

they lack the will and the capability to send in the troops on us and it is beholden on us to make sure they never gain such things, because clearly, that IS where they are going next.

this needs to be ripped out of schools and public institutions, root and stem.

it’s time for full blown school choice and to the studs renovation/demolition of many of these federal agencies.

this is the one you want to be sure you win.

if we don’t, the next one is a much, much harder fight.

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