Trump Russia collusion hoax

May 10, 2020

21-11: No collusion: How Americans were fed a false tale about Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign


  • Mueller “hit squad” illegally wiped their phones clean just prior to the investigation of them, all using the same really dumb reason for this “accident”
  • On top of McCain involvement in Russia smear of Donald Trump @JudicialWatch  uncovered Obama IRS docs that reveal McCain Staffer Urged Lois Lerner and Obama IRS to “audit so many that it becomes financially ruinous.”
  • On January 4th, 2017 FBI determined there was no evidence Gen Flynn was a threat to National Security on January 5th Comey ignored that closing communication and told Barack Obama Sally Yates Joe Biden Ambassador Rice the exact opposite.
  • Newly declassified portions of a bizzare Inaugration Day e-mail Susan Rice wrote to herself confirm that the 2017 campaign to target Michael Flynn was coordinated by Obama and orchestrated within the Oval Office itself.
  • Newly released documents show Adam Schiff knew all along that there was no proof of Russia-Trump collusion.
  • During Trump’s impeachment, former US Ambassador Yovanovitch testified to Congress that she knew little beyond an initial briefing and “press reports” about Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian natural gas firm that had hired Biden’s son Hunter. That was a lie.
  • Grenell’s deputy at DNI is Kash Patel. He was lead investigator in the Russia probe conducted by the House Intelligence Committee, when it was chaired by Republican Congressman Devin Nunes. he and GOP colleagues asked every former Obama official they interviewed if they had any evidence of collusion.“I’m not asking if you thought it happened or if you heard it happened,” Patel told them all, from Attorney General Loretta Lynch to FBI Director James Comey. “I said, ‘Do you have information that exactly addresses this issue?’ ”It was when Patel and Nunes saw no Obama official had any that their inquiry changed course. If there was no evidence of the Trump team’s ties to Russia, why was the FBI investigating Trump’s 2016 campaign?
  • Here’s Obama’s director of national intelligence, and CNN analyst, James Clapper: “I never saw any direct empirical evidence that the Trump campaign or someone in it was plotting/conspiring with the Russians to meddle with the election.”
  • Former Pentagon official and now candidate for New York’s 17th Congressional District Evelyn Farkas claimed in a notorious 2017 MSNBC segment that she advised her colleagues to disseminate intelligence so that Trump could not destroy evidence of collusion. Under oath, however, she testified she “didn’t know anything” about Trump staff dealing with Russians.
  • No matter what evidence surfaced to prove the collusion story wrong, the media continued to credential the destructive conspiracy theory. It didn’t matter when Objective Medusa showed that former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele’s reports were paid for by the Clinton campaign. Or when the Nunes memo explained that the FBI used the Steele dossier to obtain a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. It didn’t even matter when resistance messiah Robert Mueller concluded there was no evidence of collusion.
  • A clearer picture is emerging of the drastic steps that were taken to accomplish Obama’s goal in the following weeks and months. Shortly thereafter, high-level operatives began intensely leaking selective information supporting a supposed Russia-Trump conspiracy theory, the incoming National Security Advisor was ambushed, and the incoming Attorney General was forced to recuse himself from oversight of investigations of President Trump. At each major point in the operation, explosive media leaks were a key strategy in the operation to take down Trump.
  • When Comey was finally fired on May 9, in part for his duplicitousness regarding his handling of the Russia collusion theory, he orchestrated the launch of a Special Counsel probe that continued his efforts for another two years. That probe ended with Mueller finding no evidence of any American colluding with Russia to steal the 2016 election, much less Trump or anyone connected to him.
  • An analysis of the timeline from early 2017 shows a clear pattern of behavior from the federal officials running the collusion operation against the Trump campaign. It also shows how essential media leaks were to their strategy to sideline key law enforcement and intelligence officials and cripple the ability of the incoming Trump administration to run the country.
  • Here’s a timeline of the key moments and news articles of the efforts, per Obama’s direction, to prevent the Trump administration from learning about the FBI’s operation against it.
  • 20-08-09: Newly Declassified Document Indicates FBI Misled Congress on Reliability of Steele Dossier This document clearly shows that the FBI was continuing to mislead regarding the reliability of the Steele dossier. The FBI did to the Senate Intelligence Committee what the Department of Justice and FBI had previously done to the FISA Court: mischaracterize, mislead and lie. The characterizations regarding the dossier were completely out of touch with reality in terms of what the Russian sub-source actually said to the FBI






21-11-04: The collusion hoax is finally laid to rest:


Compilation of lies and fabrications relating to Trump Russia collusion:


All of these were from before the election. The timing is important because we just learned today that US intel was worried about how Russia would use Clinton’s concocted attacks

16-10-31 hillary clinton wants trump to answer unfounded baseless russia allegations – secret server

16-08-15 hillary clinton has questions about trump cozy relationship with russia

16-10-31 hillary clinton wants trump to disclose ties to russia


Speaker pelosi whipping up firestorm of baseless Russia allegations and lies:




Harry Reid lies about FBI having proof of Trump Russia ties and James Comey having explosive proof


Ted Lieu with trump derangement syndrome alleging russia collusion


MSNBC amplifying democrat and Hillary Clinton talking points about Russia collusion and interference


Rachel maddow msnbc amplifies democrat anti trump russia collusion hoax talking points


Chris Hayes MSNBC using the same talking points about Russia controlling Trump


You may have forgotten that CNN  had three journalists who had to resign after a retracted story alleging a connection between Trump and Russia.


Time magazine’s article – “Trump’s many many many ties to Russia”


Buzzfeed “news” spreading absolute made up lies from the Steele dossier and anonymous intelligence officials


Steele dossier debunked. 


This didn’t stop the MSM from pushing this made up bullshit.


CNN pushing the now debunked steele dossier story

CNN pushing steele dossier

Adam schiff defending Steele – who put out the debunked steele dossier.


Rachel maddow pushing made up debunked steele dossier

Newsweek pushing Steele dossier


Slate magazine says Christopher steele is a credible person trump is not – while pushing debunked steele dossier


Jennifer Rubin praising steele and carter paige debunked dossier trump russia collusion hoax


Max boot says steele dossier is true


Kurt Eichenwald on trump russia collusion hoax


Drew Holden on the Trump russia collusion hoax – there were no follow ups from anyone, everything was just forgotten.


FBI knew Steele dossier was political in 2016 Mueller was appointed special counsel by rod rosenstein year later – coup

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