Trump says mail-in ballots lead to fraud. Fake news says this is wrong. Documenting incidences of vote by mail election fraud

May 26, 2020

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Absentee ballot changes in effect after election fraud scandal

Alabama Secretary Of State Fact Checks CNN On Voter Fraud: “Not Entitled To Their Own Facts”

Ari Fleischer Highlights Recent Instances of Voter Fraud Across The Country.

Audio recordings link voter fraud scheme to Dallas County Elections employee

Berkeley Mayor charged with felony voter fraud

Dallas mail in voter fraud investigation opened

Dem Rep. Wasserman Schultz Worries About “Chaos” W/ Mail-In Ballots, Signature Fraud

Democrats Just Got CAUGHT Rigging Elections, Judge Pleads GUILTY, Mail In Voter Fraud Exposed in NJ

Election officials: Some absentee ballots never delivered

Election fraud scandal brings new election in North Carolina

Four women face dozens of felony charges in paid mail in ballot voter fraud scheme

Jerrod Nadler “Paper Ballots Are Extremely Susceptible To Fraud” (2004)

Judicial Watch Finds MILLIONS of ‘Extra’ Voters on Voting Rolls in Multiple States–Lawsuits?

Mail in ballots missing from dozens of packets

Michigan City Clerk Charged With Election Fraud – altered absentee ballots

North Carolina election fraud investigation focuses on absentee ballots

Poll worker sentenced to 5 years in prison for voter fraud

Project Veritas: Rigging the Election – Video II: Mass Voter Fraud

Prosecutors moving forward with Starr County voter fraud case of altering mail in ballots

Seven charged in mail in ballot fraud case due in court Monday

Real cases of widespread voter fraud

Tom Fitton: Nearly 1 MILLION Inactive, Extra Names on North Carolina’s Voter Rolls!

Tucker Carlson: The truth about mail in voting & voter fraud

Voter fraud scandal in New Haven

Voter fraud in Lake County: Over one hundred fabricated voter registrations

VOTER FRAUD: Patrick Howley Interviews Citizen Journalist Exposing Mass Voter Fraud in Texas

What is the greatest threat to free and fair elections in America? Here’s a hint: it’s not Russia or any other foreign power.

Worst cases of voter fraud reported in battleground states


28 Million Mail-In Ballots Went Missing in Last Four Elections

After Charleston absentee ballots found in Maryland, SC considers cutting ties with printer

Alabama Secretary of State Shreds CNN Host for Saying Absentee Ballot Voter Fraud Doesn’t Exist

Banning third-party ballot harvesting ruled unconstitutional in Arizona

Broward County FL The Epicenter Of Election Fraud

California man finds dozens of ballots stacked outside home

California Voter fraud: “My husband and are registered Republicans. Our son is a democrat. He received TWO vote by mail ballots. We each received one!” Needs investigating!

Citizen Journalist Busts Democrat Mail-In Voting Nursing Home Scandal in Texas

Close Results In Paterson Vote Plagued By Fraud Claims; Over 3K Ballots Seemingly Set Aside

Court Brief: 11.6K Dead People on Virginia’s Voter Rolls

Database Swells to 1,285 Proven Cases of Voter Fraud in America

Democratic Operative Explains Voter Fraud: We’ve Been Busing People In For Fifty Years

Democrats Preyed On Immigrants In Ballot Fraud Scandal

Democrat Voter Fraud in Minnesota: What most people would call voter fraud is actually legal in Minnesota elections.

DOJ charges mail carrier with attempted voter fraud, and it’s only the tip of the hidden iceberg

Election Fraud in Broward County: Officials Caught Ballot Stuffing, Destroying Ballots

Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes Admits in Court Noncitizens Are Voting in Broward County

First Witness in New York Ballot Fraud Case Claims He Was Paid to Register

Five states face federal lawsuits over innacurate voter registrations

Former Dem City Clerk Admits to Forging Ballots, And Then Some

Jim Acosta demands evidence of mail-in voter fraud. So Trump’s team gives him a massive pile of it

Judicial Watch: Eight Iowa Counties Have Total Registration Rates Larger than Eligible Voter Population – at Least 18,658 Extra Names on Iowa Voting Rolls

List of Over 1,000 Voter Fraud Convictions: White House (PDF)

Mail ballot surge places Postal Service under spotlight

Mail Carrier Charged in West Virginia Voter Fraud Case in Connection with Manipulation of Absentee Ballot Requests

Mail Man Charged With Attempted Election Fraud, Changed Mail-In Ballots That Were Given Out Due To Pandemic, Feds Say

Mail-In Ballots Make Voter Fraud Easy. I Know Because I Did It.

Mailed ballots in Georgia will be counted, even without a stamp

Michigan City Clerk Charged with Altering Ballots in 2018 Midterms

Millions of Mail-In Ballots Have Gone ‘Missing’ Since 2012, Federal Data Shows

Nevada’s vote-by-mail primary stirs fraud concerns, as unclaimed ballots pile up: ‘Something stinks here’

New York Democrats – Voter Fraud is ‘A Normal Political Tactic’

NJ Gov. Phil Murphy Faces Voter Frustration Amid Paterson Election Controversy: 10 percent of voters in his town will be disenfranchised amid election problems

Numerous People in New Jersey Claim “Mail In” Ballots Cast In Their Name Without Their Knowledge | “In one case, officials said more than 300 Paterson city ballots were found in a single mailbox in an entirely different town: Haledon.”

Ohio cracks down on voter fraud

Over 36K Washington primary ballots rejected over failure to choose party

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Twitter: Get the facts about mail-in ballots!vWill the media, and @Twitter, acknowledge these real concerns with mass mail-in voting?

Questions of voter fraud after man finds 83 ballots shipped to single address in his apartment complex

Rejected Absentee Ballot Applications Bring Up Accusations Of Voter Fraud In Evansville Ind

Rick Scott calls for investigation of vote ‘fraud’ and ‘incompetence’ in Broward and Palm Beach counties

South Carolina election ballots reportedly found in Maryland this week

Suspected 2018 Voter Fraud Uncovered In Texas’ Largest County

The Heritage Foundation: Election Fraud Database

Two-thirds of Americans say voting by mail would increase voter fraud, poll finds

Undercover Video Captures Broward County Ballots Being Transferred in Private Car

US Post Office founds “three tubs” of absentee ballots for Wisconsin election in Chicago — the day after the Election! 1,600 votes!

Voter Fraud Ring Caught Rigging Elections for Democrats in Texas

Whether the Ballot You Mail Is Counted May Depend on Where You Vote


Judicial Watch: 8 Things You Can Do Now to Help STOP Voter Fraud (PDF)

The Department of Homeland Security has designated elections systems as part of our nation’s critical infrastructure. At the time of designation, then-DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson observed, “Given the vital role elections play in this country, it is clear that certain systems and assets of election infrastructure meet the definition of critical infrastructure, in fact and in law.”


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