UK Brixton; Black nationalist paramilitary movement allowed to organize and march; called “anti-racism demonstrators” – imagine if white nationalists tried this – NFAC

Aug 2, 2020

Among the groups of people marching were one group, dressed in black and equipped with what appeared to be anti-stab vests. One protester was wearing a balaclava, while another, angrily confronted police officers telling them to f*** off.

Responding to the event, Mr Farage said: ‘Terrifying scenes in Brixton today. A paramilitary-style force marching in the streets. This is what the BLM movement wanted from the start and it will divide our society like never before.’

However, co-leader of the Green Party Jonathan Bartley responded to Mr Farage’s intervention. He tweeted: ‘You are just trying to create division. But these people in Brixton today know that love and justice will conquer the fear and hate that you peddle. Hope is what people need right now and they are showing the pathway toward it.’

‘Fear and hate you peddle’ — it’s totally right wingers that are peddling fear and hate…


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