University cancels event for Whites to ‘process’ their ‘complicity in unjust systems’ after backlash

Feb 18, 2021

Elon University in North Carolina has canceled an event for White people to process their complicity in injustice, because the meeting would exclude other races, the school told Fox News.

Young America’s Foundation Tuesday revealed the “White caucus” event, publishing an email that specified the event was intended for white and “White-identifying” individuals to speak openly and avoid “retraumatiz[ing] people of color.”

“White caucuses give white people a space to learn about and process their awareness of and complicity in unjust systems without harming their friends of color,” reads the email, which was addressed to School of Education students.

Vice President of University Communications Daniel Anderson told Fox News that the event was organized by a group of students in the School of Education and that it had learned of the event on Tuesday. But according to YAF, the email was sent to all School of Education students by Jennifer Strange, Elon’s coordinator of graduate programs in the school.

“Elon University today learned of a program being organized by a group of students in the School of Education who wanted to hold candid, confidential discussions about racism without victimizing those of other races,” said Anderson in a statement Tuesday.

The incident was just the latest to stir controversy over racialized events that took place in academia and government entities. In September, the University of Michigan-Dearborn similarly advertised an event that prompted accusations of segregation. Like the group at Elon, the University of Michigan similarly expressed concern about White people harming non-White people. It also clarified that the events weren’t intended to exclude certain races.

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