USA 2021 is Russia 1923

Mar 3, 2021

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (“Lenin”) and his Bolsheviks were a minority socialist political faction in a coalition government along with other less-extreme socialists (the Mensheviks and Social Revolutionaries) when they came to power after the 1917 October Revolution. The Bolsheviks fought the other socialist factions for control of the government from the very beginning

Similarly, the modern Democrat Party is a coalition of socialists, LGBTQ radicals, other cultural Marxists, and a sprinkling of erstwhile “moderate” and geriatric Democrats – the latter can only be considered moderate when compared to the rest of the coalition, not in the sense of how moderate Democrats were defined in the 1960s. The Hologram, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and key Democrat committee chairmen in the House and Senate are lumped into that group, with Kamala Harris, The Squad, Bernie Sanders, Ro Khanna, Pramila Jayapal, etc., – that is, the younger radicals – making up the far left of the Democrats in Washington, D.C.

Finally, it could also be strongly argued that the Democrat Party is in fact a minority party in America – kept in power through the types of “election irregularities” that occurred during the 2020 elections. The Democrats and Bolsheviks are thus quite similar in their minority status and ideology.

While Chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars (the Sovnarkom), which ran the Soviet government, Lenin was not interested in a “unity government” with the other socialist revolutionaries. He continually refused to share power and sought to purge the other factions and political opposition to the Bolsheviks in general via political and ultimately violent means. This was especially true throughout and after the 1917-1920 Russian civil war, during which some 11 million Russians died. Lenin’s “Political Bureau” (Politburo) dispatched the Cheka (later the NKVD) – the secret police – to eliminate political enemies throughout the USSR. But the real Russian terror had not truly commenced yet although Lenin was diligently laying the groundwork through enforcement of strict Communist ideology and institutional controls for what was to come later.

In contrast, the ongoing civil war in the US is not yet a “hot” war; the battlegrounds of that cold war are within America’s cultural and political institutions. The American Left – as personified by the Democrat Party – has gained nearly complete control of most institutions over the last 60 years: Academia, Hollywood, the legacy media, social media, the federal bureaucracy, the legal system, the military, and the election system. With Democrats in nearly complete control of the federal government, the radicals and their supporters in all of those institutions are advocating using the federal government to crush all political dissent by Trump supporters and conservatives in general – and even suggesting the use of violence and “re-education camps” to achieve those ends. The surveillance powers of the Obama regime used against the Trump campaign will pale in comparison to what is being cooked up by the Biden-Harris regime. The groundwork is being laid with each passing day for a police state of which Lenin would be proud.

After the Russian civil war ended, Lenin’s government continued to consolidate political power. Political dissent was ruthlessly crushed by the Bolsheviks who also gained control of all Russian media and cultural institutions over time. Average Russians feared the knock on the door in the middle of the night – a favorite tactic of the NKVD to arrest any Russians determined to be political enemies of the state. The NKVD employed thousands of snitches – informants – to monitor the political activities of the Russian people. Lenin and the Bolsheviks considered politics and ideology to be involved in virtually all aspects of everyday life. Dissent from Bolshevik/Communist diktats were dealt with harshly.

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