We need more white parents to talk to their kids about race. Especially now.

May 23, 2020

But even the FBI has told us that white supremacy and racism are a “national threat priority.” Jennifer Fink, founder of Building Boys parenting resource and host of “On Boys” podcast, puts our collective situation in perspective: “For far too long, white families have been able to avoid racial conversations.

Some white people are bad = “all white people, you are responsible, teach your kids better”. Some Muslims are bad, “not all Muslims you bigot”


As of April 29 in Wisconsin, where blacks are just 6.3 percent of the population, they accounted for 23 percent of the coronavirus cases and 33 percent of the deaths. The growing consensus is that preexisting race-based health disparities are a significant factor in these alarming numbers.

Black People eat shitty food, it’s race based health disparities.

Add to the mix white agitators protesting state-issued stay-at-home orders while outfitted in full military gear, carrying automatic weapons and waving Confederate flags, and it is impossible to deny that our society’s endemic race issues have necessitated yet more conversations in my house about race.

People protest = white agitators

Preparing kids to face what living in their black skin will be like is critical. “This country was built on racism. Our children have to be prepared for that,” says Janice Robinson-Celeste, co-founder and publisher of Successful Black Parenting magazine. “The resurrection of white nationalists and racial bullying keeps race as a center point in our children’s lives, and they have to be ready to manage their thoughts and responses at all times.”

Be scared, white people are out to get you

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