Black on white crime

May 9, 2020

It’s worth noting that this same pattern in evidence in how we are taught history. Roughly 3,500 blacks were lynched in the United States between 1882 and 1968. That’s a rate of 40 per year. Obviously, 40 lynchings per year is 40 too many. But a rate of 40 lynchings per year suggests that for each black person lynched something like 10 – 25 whites were murdered by black citizens, and it is not at all obvious why a black person being lynched is worse than 10 – 25 white people being murdered. Yet that is the value judgement implicit in how we are taught to think about American history.

Former presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke said that racism in America is “foundational” and that people of color were under “mortal threat” from the “white supremacist in the White House.” Pete Buttigieg chimed in to explain that “systemic racism” will “be with us” no matter who is in the White House. Sen. Cory Booker called for “attacking systemic racism” in the “racially biased” criminal justice system.

The systematic ignoring of white victims has given people a false impression about who is and who is not killed both by police and by their fellow citizens both in the present and in the past.


Knowing all these facts, visit the Race Baiting tag to see how media and politicians incite race based violence by spreading lies. Lies that cause black on white crimes like this:


20-07-02: 2 Black men rob, kill white homeless man

20-06-27: Black man punches elderly white woman, 78, in the head in random attack in Brooklyn – and then acts like HE is the victim

20-06-20: UK: Black teen beats up old white man

20-06-15 Black man brutally beats white Macy’s employee in unprovoked attack

20-05-27: After all these black on white crimes, not a single riot. Do You Remember the MASS RIOTS AND LOOTING After Muslim Cop Mohamed Noor Shot Justine Damond Point Blank in the Chest in Minneapolis? No national outrage or riots. Compare to when a white police officer kills a black man George Floyd.

As blacks riot, some businesses post signs saying they are “black/minority owned”. Does this mean blacks are attacking businesses that are not black owned?


20-05-20: Black man kills white 15 year old Roman Kichigin

20-05-20: Black Jaydon Hayden beats up helpless old white people in what looks like nursing care homes. Will this get national news coverage? Nope, it didn’t get any national outrage. But a few days later a white woman with a dog said some mean things to a black man and called 911 on him, which was worldwide news.

20-05-19: Black man out on bail kills 80 year old white Rosalie Cook

20-05-17: Black man attacks white KSTP-TV anchor Matt Belanger in hate crime because he thought he was gay.

20-05-17: Black man 36-year-old Kelvin Edwards attacks couple with machete, they are in critical condition.

20-05-16: Black 15 year old kills white Kevin Humes in a drive-by shooting.

20-05-15: Black teen stabs elderly white man at gas station

20-05-11: Cornelius Haney, 40, was released April 15 under powers granted to the Colorado Department of Corrections by Gov. Jared Polis. Police arrested Haney on Monday in the fatal shooting of 21-year-old Heather Perry (white) in an alley in east Denver on May 9

20-05-08: Black man shoots and kills  elderly couple Paul and Lidia Marino visiting their sons grave.

20-05-08: White Woman Befriended Mom’s Black Killer Out of ‘Spiritual Obligation’ — and then He Murdered Her.

20-05-04: 2 blacks kill white 41-year-old Josh Stewart. No mass outage.

20-05-04: Black man kills white 29-year-old Ashley Heberling

May 2020 is when Ahmaud Arbery killing was in the national media spotlight. Notice how many black on white crimes happened that same month, and not a single got as much traction or outrage.

20-04-08: Black boyfriend of white girl shot both her white parents in the head in an apparent robbery and left them for dead in a ditch. The victims, Dr. Beth Potter, 52, and husband Robin Carre, 57. Potter was wearing pajamas and socks, while Carre was wearing only underwear, authorities said. Sanford and Larrue planned to rob the parents after learning from the daughter that the couple was wealthy

20-04-07: Black man stabs to death three white truck stop employees: Joyce Whaley, 57; Patricia Denise Nibbe, 51; and Nettie R. Spencer, 41

19-09-23: 2 black teens kill 59-year-old John Marvin Weed of Mount Airy because he wouldn’t give them a dollar. Video shows one of the suspects spitting on the victim after punching him.

2019: Multiple instances of groups of blacks brutally beating and robbing white people. No riots or international outrage happened after.

19-12: 3 black teens kill white girl Tessa Majors

19-07-25: Group of blacks viciously beat up older white couple

19-07-23: Black man beats white 24 year old Tyler Wingate to death after fender bender.

19-06-03: Hate Crime: black parolee arrested for raping and bashing a white woman on the roof of his Bronx apartment building allegedly told a witness that she “deserved” the brutal attack because of slavery.

19-04-03: Black man throws white child from 3rd floor in mall of America.

18-07-24: Black couple steal a white baby and burn him to death

17: Black police officer Mr. Noor, now an ex-officer and convicted murderer, was sentenced to about 12 and a half years in a Minnesota prison for the death of (white) Justine Ruszczyk, an unarmed woman he killed while on patrol. There were no riots, or worldwide outrage.

17-10-02: Black teen robs old white couple then rapes the woman. Goes to rob another white family and kills father of 2

17-09-26: Hate crime + terrorism. Black man shoots up white church. No outage. He cited white supremacist Dylann Roof’s massacre at a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, in 2015, also referenced the red, black and green Pan-African flag, sometimes called RBG.“The blood that 10 of your kind will shed is that of the color upon the RBG flag in terms of vengeance.”

17-05-23: Black daycare worker suffocates 8 month old white Reese Bowman to death. Criminal Investigations Chief Stanley Bradford said: “Watching that video is disturbing. Reese Bowman, in my opinion, was tortured.

17-04-18: Hate crime: Kori Ali Muhammad killed 3 white men. He paid homage to black pride and black nationalism. His profile depicted images of a Black Power salute and a flag associated with the Pan-Africanism movement.

16-07-07: Hate crime: Black man Micah Xavier Johnson stated that he wanted to kill white people, especially white police officers. He then killed five officers and injuring nine others. No riots happened after this.

16-08-05: An 83-year-old Dorothy Dow was brutally beaten and set on fire by 4 blacks who broke into her Meriwether County home overnight. Both her arms were broken, and her face was cut and bruised. Before they left, prosecutors said the crew poured lighter fluid down Dow’s back and set her on fire. She used water from a sleep apnea machine to put out the flames. Dow died more than 20 days later at Grady Memorial Hospital.

16-10-02: black 18-year-old man killed a 91-year-old Second World War veteran Paul Monchnik by beating him, then dousing him with gasoline and setting him on fire.

2016: Karina Vetrano: the White Female Jogger Found Murdered and Sexually Assaulted in Queens in 2016 by a Black Male. No national outrage.

15-05-20: Black did a home invasion, possibly with help, took the unarmed white Savopoulos family hostage and forced them (by torturing the Savopouloses’ 10-year old son) to have $40,000 sent to their house [“$40K delivered to home, boy tortured before DC murders, fire,”]. Then he murdered them. The New York Times found just  two stories about this murder Fit To Print [Arrest Made in Washington Killings, May 21, 2015 and More Than One Attacker Is Suspected in Killings of 4 in Washington, May 22, 2015]. But it found 586 stories about Freddie Gray Fit To Print.

15-03-20: 3 black teens kill white 51-year-old James Stuhlman, who was out walking his dog.

2013: Christopher Lane, Australian baseball player, out for a jog, killed by 3 “bored” black Oklahoma teens. No national outage.

2010: Dec. 31 Mona Nelson, 44, allegedly tortured a white child to death with a blowtorch before dumping his little body in a ditch in northeast Houston on Christmas Eve, 2010. Do you remember hearing about this? I sure don’t.


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