Ninety percent of 43,000 extremists on MI5 watchlist are Islamist terror suspects while police are ‘obsessed’ with catching far-right extremists and media and politicians tell us how the “alt-right” is a problem

Jun 23, 2020

A terror suspect watchlist has doubled in size from last year – but expert estimates and new figures suggest far-right extremists are just a tiny part of the problem.

Britain’s top anti-terror officer Neil Basu has repeatedly said that right-wing extremism poses the fastest growing terror threat to the UK.

But while MI5’s watchlist has doubled to 43,000 this year, experts say nine-tenths of these are jihadis.

New separate statistics from the Home Office on terrorists in custody, also show that of 238 people held for terrorism in Great Britain, 183 were Islamist extremists while just 44 were far-right. It is an increase of just 11 people from the same period last year.

Richard Walton, former head of the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command, told the Telegraph the watchlist number was too big.

He said: “It is a ridiculously high number.

‘The bigger question is why are there 40,000 people who think it is acceptable to consider murdering people. It tells you the scale of the problem.

‘Nine-tenths of the people on that list are Islamist extremists.’

Home Secretary Priti Patel yesterday promised new laws to remove foreign criminals from Britain, declaring anyone who “abuses our hospitality” would be deported.

She said she would accelerate legislation on foreign offenders by making it easier to remove them, following the terror attack in Reading.

This means there are around 30,000 Muslim extremists in the United Kingdom. Muslim population is 2.6 million.

Meaning that 1.5% of ALL Muslims in the UK are radical enough to be on terrorist watch lists.

But please, media and politicians, please tell us how “white nationalists” or the alt-right is in any way even remotely close to being a big  threat.

Muslims commit most terror attacks, are a majority of terror watch lists, they rape thousands of white girls while police are afraid of investigating them for fearing to appear racist. Black people commit disproportionate amounts of crime against white people, but media, society, politicians keep telling us how bad white people are, how there is systemic racism against minorities and white people are living with too much privilege.

Tell us there isn’t a war on whites.

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