Stolen 2020 US Election – Chronological list evidence of voter fraud, statistical anomalies, media lies, propaganda and gaslighting

Jan 8, 2021

Chronological coverage of the 2020 election outlining the bias, double standards and lies. Trump wins on election day, mail-in ballots come in over the next few days and Biden is crowned the winner by the MSM while they gaslight about how there is no voter fraud. [Large crowdfunded election fraud database] 


Voting anomalies in Michigan Wisconsin Georgia can give election to trump

A day before election Pennsylvania AG josh shapiro says trump will lose after votes added up

Biden – the “most popular” president scared of his own inauguration needs 30k troops – Trump walked alone into North Korea


Time magazine outlines how they stole the election, not even hiding it: The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election.  Time report touts ‘cabal of of powerful people’ behind ‘conspiracy,’ ‘shadow campaign’ to shape election. [mirror of the time article here]


[click here for the full MEGA COMPILATION of 2020 election fraud data and mainstream media spin and propaganda]

For Leftist reaction to the January 6 Trump protest, click here. 




21-09-24: Arizona finds electoral fraud, calls for other states to decertify electors.


21-05-25: CNN Running damage control as republicans audit election:


21-04-28: The most popular president in history gets massive dislike ratio on all youtube channels while addressing joint session of congress:


21-02-18: Michigan Removed 177,000 Voters from Voter Rolls in January After Certifying Biden Won Michigan by 154,000 Votes in November 


21-02-15: Presidents day; Trump gets 600k+ views, Biden, the most popular president in history gets 30k.


21-02-10: Trump’s impeachment trial is unconstitutional, just like the election…


Biden “president” means sports will be sports news will be positive about him illegals will flood in

“We did it, we ended fascism” as tens of thousands soldiers on capitol hill for inauguration

Ruthless dictator leaves quietly, as democratically elected successor is sworn in with massive military presence and begins to stifle opponents speech and crush the rights of political foes

Inauguration 64k views for bidden 2.3 MILLION views of Trump Sendoff at Andrews Air Force Base


20-01-16: 1400 people watching biden announce members of science team – while trump had a million during texas speech






21-01-13 Joint chiefs of staff say they will enforce rule of law for fraudulent biden inauguration


In 6 days FBI opened over 160 case files – when not a single case file was opened for election fraud investigations


Rasmussen polling shows 21% democrats 43% independent 73% republicans wanted to challenge biden election


New York state bar association launches historic inquiry into removing trump attorney rudy giuliani from its membership


Ex-Capitol Police Chief Says Pelosi, McConnell’s Sergeants-at-Arms Refused Security Measures While New Timeline Proves ‘Trump Incitement’ Claims Bogus.


One of the people storming capitol was blm activist earle sullivan


Twitter bans Trump


Twitter has suspended the accounts of former National Security Advisor General Flynn and lawyer Sidney Powell


Instagram bans pictures of peaceful protesters at the capitol :


Apple wants to ban parler unless they start censoring


DOJ has hundreds of prosecutors and investigators investigating the peaceful Trump supporters… when they couldn’t allocate any to election fraud:

June – rioters arrested in washington were not charged by prosecutors, charges dropped.


So the journos tell us the Capitol Hill riot is “sedition,” but trying to burn down a federal courthouse in Portland, incinerating a police station in Minneapolis, and pointing lasers at the eyes of federal officers to blind them- that they say is “mostly peaceful protest”


Judd apatow compares Josh Hawley to Hitler



The day before a church was burned and the President had to be escorted to the bunker as rioters attempted to break down barriers and storm the White House. Dozens of Secret Service were injured. Leftists rejoiced. Now Kamala Harris says if the protesters were not white they would be tear gassed???


Trump, a sitting president is now banned from social media snapchat facebook twitter instagram shopify twitch


Questions about lax security at capitol and swiftness of tech censorship of Trump


CNN calls peaceful protest as insurrection helps FBI try to identify people protesting, calls them domestic terrorists.



Soviet propaganda Business Insider is saying Trump may have staged a coup – with unarmed people that did no damage to anything


Biden says if Trump supporters were black the outcome would have been different


Aftermath of the worst act of terrorism since 9/11 vs a peaceful BLM antifa protest for justice and equality



How the propaganda media covers a white conservative being killed by police; NBC calls Ashli Babbitt who was killed a rioter who promoted radical conservative activists – compare to how they defend black crack addicts


FBI wants to arrest patriots. But did nothing when federal courthouses were attacked, senates stormed after Kavanaugh hearings, Pussy hat marches, etc

Acting U.S. attorney for D.C. Michael Sherwin says his office has prepared 55 cases relating to yesterday’s attack on the Capitol. 40 are in D.C. Superior Court, 15 will be prosecuted in federal court. He describes the indictments as a first step. In other states, state prosecutors DROPPED charges against Antifa and BLM rioters… double standards. 


Schumer calls to remove Trump from office:



Trump stores taken down by shopify


Youtube will now remove any videos claiming election fraud took place

Facebook bans Trump


Amex, Prudential, CITI, Chevron, Under Armour, Tim Cook of Apple post statements condemning Trump supporters. But never did so when BLM/Antifa rioted, destroyed buildings, attacked police.


Twitter removed trumps tweet


21-01-06: Congresswoman cori bush wants to expel congress members as if terrorist attack happened. But said nothing of antifa/blm burning cities for months. 

Dinesh D’Souza:  It’s somehow okay for the Left to topple monuments, burn businesses, create “autonomous zones,” drag people out of restaurants & cars, and cause all kinds of violence and mayhem; yet it’s an “unprecedented assault on democracy” when Trumpsters stage their own protest?


Washington DC police chief says he was denied national guard help for capitol safety support


Trump speech says everyone march to capitol peacefully and patriotically did not call for violence


Pence says he cannot decertify electors:


21-01-06: Massive stop the steal rally before electors counted.

Fake news cnn calls it a coup attempt.



Leftist Washington DC mayor says they do not want any extra help with the January 6 protest – which is why Trump supporters were able to get inside so easily




21-01-05: Trump tweets that vice president has the power to reject fraudulently chosen electors


Trump campaign statement that Vice President Pence can decertify results:


Leftist propaganda out in full force

Leftist journalists, “fact checkers” and twitter peddle conspiracies that the vice president can’t reject electors:


Leftist media propaganda saying that Pence can’t reject or throw out electors:


Arizona certifies Trump electors [arizona legislature link]


Georgia run-off election: Democrat ossoff warnock get hundreds of thousands of votes


Georgia run-off election irregularities vote totals going back on live tv observers prevented from observing


21-01-03: Trump retweets preservation of documents biden cancelling inaugural parade


Washington post leaks phone call between Trump and Raffensperger and his lawyer Ryan – Trump entraps them – [FULL AUDIO HERE]



Irrefutable evidence presented by expert witnesses from the GA hearing showing that [based on the data that was provided and used on election night] votes were removed and/or flipped from Trump to Biden.


Georgia secretary of state Raffensperger says only 2 signatures out of 15,000 mismatched



20-12-28: Stacey abrams sister judge rules that people who move can still vote from old address. [Article here]


20-12-28: Analysis of Pennsylvania voting finds that “6,962,607 total ballots were reported as being cast, while DoS/SURE system records indicated that only 6,760,230 total voters actually voted.”


20-12-28: Pennsylvania Governor and State Department Secretary refuse to investigate claims of voter fraud


20-12-22 trump message on covid stimulus vs biden live remarks 454k views in 1 hour vs 23k views in 5 hours – and they say biden won


20-12-22: Chris krebs walks back his “most secure election ever” claim – says the claim was about CYBER security, not general election security.


20-12-22: Pennsylvania governor and secretary of state refuse to investigate voter fraud:


20-12-18: Michigan department of state says video of election official asking auditors to count votes with the same signature is misinformation


20-12-18: Peter Navarro releases massive voter fraud report with thousands of affidavits, testimonials and analysis – fake news propaganda Forbes says he is pushing baseless claims


The so-called signature audit in Georgia arena where observers are too far away to observe anything. Total sham.


20-12-15: US Senate election fraud hearing Rand Paul outlines how the Trump team election fraud cases that were thrown out were for PROCEDURAL errors, and not on merit. 


20-12-15:  Arizona senate issues subpoena to seize all Dominion machines servers software in Maricopa County to do full forensic audit


Data obtained by the Nevada GOP from the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles reveals that 6,260 non citizens were registered to vote and 3,987 non-citizens had voted.


Michigan legislature committees subpoena election evidence from Detroit and nearby suburb


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell officially acknowledges Joe Biden as president-elect


20-12-14 Wisconsin supreme court rules on indefinitely confined voters win for Trump


Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada send dueling slates of electors.

Michigan does not allow GOP electors access to capitol


20-12-13: Antrim Michigan Forensics Report showing dominion systems purposefully giving errors so ballots sent to adjudication. Deletion of adjudication and security logs. 


DNI Ratcliffe says they have identified Chinese attempts to interfere and influence US election – related to Trumps 2018 EO on election interference


20-12-12: Fraud investigator found biden did 1.5% better in states with dominion voting machines

Michigan AG and Secretary of State block audit results of voting machines


20-12-12: Full on censorship – Twitter disables all interaction; likes shares comments on Trump’s tweets talking about election fraud.


20-12-11: SCOTUS rejects Texas case election fraud


Deep State Civil War: FBI who hasn’t investigated credible election fraud allegations is now investigating Texas AG Ken Paxton after whistleblowers come forward

20-12-10: FBI subpoenas texas AG Ken Paxton after whistleblower allegations – but haven’t done ANYTHING regarding investigating voter fraud. Tim Pool discussion video.


Marc e elias and Jake tapper afraid of SCOTUS upholding the constitution and outraged how dare people question election fraud


20-12-09: 17 more states join Texas lawsuit to SCOTUS against contested states with election fraud


20-12-09: YouTube to crack down on any new videos alleging Trump lost the 2020 US election because of fraud. Any such videos will be deleted declares the video platform.


20-12-08: Michigan Federal Court DENIES Republican motion to maintain and preserve election data and machines for inspection. – Treasonous leftists call this a WIN


20-12-08 SCOTUS denies injunctive relief in PA casefake news says they threw out entire case. [great explanation here]


Georgia republicans afraid to call special session to send their own electors because left wing terrorists antifa, blm will burn down the city


20-12-08: Pennsylvania has filed its brief (requested by Alito) to the Supreme Court. They basically urge the court not to open pandora’s box even if federal laws of the US constitution have been violated. [link to document]

Pennsylvania court brief against SCOTUS hearing election fraud case – saying it will lead to turmoil staggering upheaval and inflame social order.


20-12-08: Texas files suit against ga mi wi pa at scotus for unconstitutional election


Tidal wave of fact checkers and false news censorship during election and right after – but none during russiagate or ukrainegate or any other lies spewed by media during trumps first term


Panel gets to adjudicate ballots and determine voters intent – fulton county adjudicated 106,000 ballots


20-12-05: Twitter shadowbans Rudy Giuliani from search and suggestions


20-12-05: Pentagon blocks Biden transition team from military intelligence agencies


20-12-05: DeKalb County Cannot Find or are they hiding Chain of Custody Records for Absentee Ballots Deposited in drop boxes.


20-12-04: 76 members of Pennsylvania legislature ask Congress to reject their electors. Trump campaign files election contest in Georgia citing tens of thousands of illegal votes.

In both Nevada & Arizona, contestant showed more illegal votes than margin of victory. How did courts ignore? By changing the standard to “prove it’s a forgery” or “depose all 50K voters”, an impossible standard to meet, and NOT the standard Dems used to throw out past elections.


20-12-03: Georgia hearing presents video showing poll workers pulling out boxes full of ballots and counting them at night with no observers:

20-12-02: Rudy Giuliani holds Michigan election fraud hearing

At 52 minutes the first lady testifying says they were told to disregard birthdays, addresses, signatures.


20-12-02: Gwinnett city official says votes transferred to usb stick then to another computer in Excel to filter them


20-12-01:  msm; fox news cnn didn’t cover any of the fraud hearings but take statement from election official telling trump to stop looking into fraud


20-12-01: Michigan Senate Oversight Committee holds hearing on election issues

Melissa Corone who was employed by Dominion outlines how workers fed stacks of ballots through machines multiple times – along with ballots coming in by trucks in the middle of the night:


Amistad project; USPS whistle blowers allege hundreds of thousands of ballots need to be investigated.


As witnesses and employee of Dominion outline massive voter fraud, United States Attorney General William Barr, in an interview with the AP: “To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election.”

Associated press propaganda “Trump campaign has been alleging a widespread conspiracy with no evidence”, “unsupported claims”






20-11-30: Arizona election integrity hearing with Rudy Giuliani

While there is a hearing going outlining all the election fraud, Arizona governor Doug Ducey certifies the election
Col Waldron says election voting machines were connected to the internet


While the arizona hearing on election fraud goes on with voter fraud proof, twitter propaganda posts that trump presses unsubstantiated fraud claims


20-11-28: Twitter censoring congressman Mo Brooks personal opinion of election fraud and his lawsuit


Col. Waldron says election voting machines were connected to the internet.

Twitter censoring Sidney Powell’s donation website to help her fight election fraud

Twitter censoring Sidney Powell election fraud document links


Twitter leftists claiming Biden won, Trump lost compilation:


20-11-25: Pennsylvania GOP Guliani hearing – 700k more ballots returned than were mailed out. [MORE VIDEOS HERE]

Trump posts about it – twitter adds Orwellian “voting by mail is safe and secure” tag

Robert Barnes: multiple election contests filed in pennsylvania michigan wisconsin arizona nevada georgia

New Georgia lawsuit

Nevada judge allows trump to present evidence, Pennsylvania stops from further vote certification, team trump shows fraud evidence in PA

Sidney powell lawsuit allegations recap



20-11-24: Fake news propaganda about Trump allowing GSA to start transition – just a formality.

Trump’s tweet about authorizing GSA:


20-11-23 : Lin Wood:  Would someone ask my never-to-be friend Brad Raffensperger @GaSecofState if he has seen this tape of election fraud at State Farm Arena in Fulton Co., GA. Several people have seen it. Many more will see it soon. Video camera eye does not lie. How do you spell Election Fraud?


Trump lawyers threatened, intimidated – American bar association, state bars, civil liberties groups don’t say a word


20-11-23: Biden’s fake office of president elect announces national security appointments


Smoking Gun: Dominion Transferring Vote Ratios between Precincts in PA. – By: Edward Solomon



20-11-20: Twitter propaganda linking to CNN, New York Times, saying that thousands of dead people didn’t vote


cnn lies that dominion voting has no ties to venezuela clinton or soros but proves it at the end of their article.


20-11-19: NPR “journalist” David folkenflik wants msm to censor Rudy Giuliani’s press conference on voter fraud. Propaganda.


20-11-19: Affidavit filed by Russell Ramsland from Allied Security Operations Group (asog) alleging voter fraud in Michigan via Dominion software


20-11-19: MSM propaganda that there was no election fraud in Wisconsin, Detroit or Georgia


20-11-19:  Wayne County lawyers researching how to remove Monica Palmer, William Hartman who refused to certify illegal votes


20-11-18: Wayne County MI election board Republicans rescind votes to certify, file affidavits that their families were threatened


20-11-18: 101 and 102 year olds with dementia voted – family wants to know how


20-11-18: WI Elections Commission, after seeing President Trump’s recount petition and objections, is trying to change the recount manual at an emergency meeting tonight at 6 pm to make objections harder to make.

20-11-18:  Twitter propaganda that there is no election fraud in wayne county michigan


20-11-17: NY Times says there is no election fraud


20-11-17: Democrat Abraham Aiyash threatened Monica Palmer’s children on zoom. Race baited, named their school This extortion attempt directly influenced the decision to agree to certify the election fraud in #WayneCounty.


Wayne County Board of Canvasser Dem @NedStaebler admits that only 72% ballots are “recountable” but says votes need to be certified because it was worse during the primary. He then intimidates GOPers @HartmannDude and @monicaspalmer into submission by calling them racists.

Ned Staebler county official responsible for certifying elections in Michigan wants to kill trump supporters, equates them to nazis


20-11-18: Dekalb county “mistakenly” added 9626 votes to biden


20-11-17: Twitter flags Trump’s tweets about election fraud – Trump fires Chris Krebs for saying election was fair


20-11-17: Georgia finds 2755 more ballots, most for trump. “Sterling, who oversaw the implementation of the new statewide election system for the state, said that the unofficial breakdown of ballots was 1,643 for Trump, 865 for Biden and 16 for Libertarian Jo Jorgensen,”


20-11-17: Dominion voting shares office space with George Soros linked Tides foundation 


20-11-17: Pennsylvania supreme court rejected trump claim 5-2 because there were 5 democrats 2 republican appointees on the bench


20-11-17: Dominion – company that runs election machines linked to Clinton foundation and Pelosi 

20-11-17: Trump Nevada lawsuit – 15,000 people voted in nevada and another state


20-11-17: Clark County, Nevada has to redo their commissioner election because of fraud concerns:



Twitter: MSM, politicians, public figures gaslighting that there is no election fraud – before any recounts happened or court cases settled:

20-11-15: Georgia recount uncovers 2600 votes


20-11-15 Trump posts “I won the election”. Twitter puts disclaimer saying “official sources called this election differently” – official sources being mainstream media.


20-11-14 cnn – pro Trump groups protest most secure election in American history


20-11-13: New video shows candidate’s husband escorting voters into early voting in Anson Co


20-11-13 Associated press says There is no evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 election despite Trump’s claims


20-11-12: NBC story on DHS officials saying that there was no widespread fraud “The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history. … There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.”


20-11-12: Cnn compares 4 years of trump to nazis purging jews – then says biden will stop this


20-11-12: In 2018, when 230,000 absentee ballots were cast, 3.5% were rejected for signature mismatches or other reasons. In 2020, when more than 1.2 million absentee ballots were cast, the rejection rate fell to 0.3%. Did the massive increase in ballots overwhelm the verification process?


20-11-12: Chair of the Federal Election Commission Trey Trainor says there is voter fraud going on


20-11-12 CNN projects Biden win


20-11-12:  New York Times propaganda: Days after the election was called for Joe Biden, President Trump continues to falsely maintain that he “will win.” It’s not possible: Biden has won enough states by enough votes that Trump can’t overcome the deficits through legal challenges or recounts. Can Trump still win? No he’s already lost


20-11-11 New York Times front page says there was no election fraud


20-11-11 Philadelphia destroyed all ballot envelopes – against law impossible to audit


NPR says president who wants a fair election is the most intense online disinformation event in US history – forgetting Russiagate



MSM gaslighting that there is no election fraud – before any recounts happened or court cases settled

20-11-06: CBC Canadian state broadcaster pushes narrative that Trump’s fraud claims are baseless – before anyone even looked into them



20-11-06: Twitter flags reporting on election fraud, redirects you to Al Jazeera to tell you elections were fair


Thread compilation of how Trump will win:


20-11-05: Twitter mass censoring Trump’s posts – not allowed to like reply or share


20-10-09: Gallup: 56 percent of registered voters said that “they are better off now than they were four years ago”even during a pandemic. this is higher than under Barack Obama. MSM does not cover this poll.

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