Coronavirus Vaccine Bombshell: 72 Kids Died From Vaccine in 6 Months vs. 18 Who Died From the Coronavirus in Nearly 2 Years in ALL of Canada

Dec 10, 2021

“In the Waterloo area, 86 stillbirths have occurred from January to July,” Nicholls said. “And, normally it’s roughly one stillbirth every two months. But here’s the kicker – mothers of stillbirth babies were fully vaccinated, and you have clearly said on numerous occasions that the vaccines are safe.”

Compare to just 18 who died from the coronavirus as per Health Canada stats. This means 72 more kids died from the vaccine than the virus itself. IN JUST ONE SMALL REGION, IN JUST 6 MONTHS. How many died across Canada? Across the world?

Other parliament members and people in the crowd let out groans and objections as MPP Nicholls spoke.

Ignoring the haters, he continued, “So minister, what do you say to the doctors who told expecting women it was okay to get fully vaccinated and what should they tell the mothers who deliver a stillborn baby?”

MOH Elliot answered Nicholls by first congratulating him on becoming a grandfather before generically claiming the Covid vaccines are safe and recommended for women who are expecting a child.

The health minister offered no data or statistics to back her claims.

Canada covid stats from:

MPPs speech:

Stillbirths exploding across Canada:

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