Director at Willamette University in Oregon declared recently that “Every white person in this country is racist” because they “benefit from the structure of racism.”

Aug 31, 2020

Minder also proclaimed that when ‘white privilege’ is raised, most people defend themselves by stating “I’m not a racist, I would never use a racial slur.”

“I think the first step is we get over it,” Minder emphasised, adding “Stop trying to pretend we don’t have privileges of some sort, because most of us do have unearned advantages.”

In the subsequent episode of the webinar series, Dr. Ley also declared that “whiteness is the supreme standard by which all peoples of culture are measured.”

Ley then proclaimed that three top indicators of white supremacy are “the need to get things done right all the time,” a “sense of urgency,” and “quantity over quality.”

So, apparently if you want to do a good job, quickly and efficiently, you’re likely a racist, according to Ley.


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