Examining leftist cognitive dissonance on religion, sexism, LGBT, crime, BLM

Jul 24, 2020

I’m going to blatantly steal a post from /pol/ this morning but I thought the users here would appreciate it. The anon who made the post put together questions that could subtly redpill normies (or at the very least cause cognitive dissonance). I like to call this the ‘sweater thread’ method of redpilling and it’s a very safe way of engaging people. If you can think of more feel free to post in the comments.

1) A transwoman goes to a waxing salon owned by a muslim woman who is religiously against sharing intimate space with a man. The transwoman demands to have her penis and balls waxed. The muslim woman refuses. Who is in the wrong? If you were a judge of this case, what would your ruling be?

2) If congress was 50% cis-men and 50% trans women (MtF), would you agree that it had a good gender balance?

3) Today, the City of Berkeley voted to halve the police budget. If you could examine any data from Berkeley in one year’s time, what data would you examine to assess if this decision was good or bad?

4) If the criminal justice system in the USA is so racist, why do asians get incarcerated less than whites?

5) BLM says that the disproportionate incarceration and police killings of blacks is evidence of racism. Do you think that the disproportionate incarceration and police killings of men is evidence of sexism? Why or why not?

6) A women’s 100-meter sprint race is held. The three finalists will receive a full-ride scholarship to a prestigious university, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. All three winners are pre-op transgirls. The 4th, 5th, and 6th place are cis-girls. They complain. Are they being bigoted?

7) The NBA is majority black. Do you think this is evidence of racism among coaches? Most software companies are majority white. Do you think this is evidence of racism among tech CEOs? Explain your two answers.

8) Black people tend to do poorly in standardized tests compared to the national average. BLM says this is because of racism. Why do Asians do better on standardized tests compared to the national average?

9) BLM often says that the reason that black people commit half the violent crimes in the USA despite being about 13% of the population is because of our history of slavery. However, black people in countries without slavery like Sweden or Japan have similar violent crime rates to US blacks. Why do you think this is?

10) The British brutally colonized Ireland, killing millions of Irish- so many that the population still hasn’t recovered to its 1800 level! The Japanese brutally colonized Korea and Taiwan. Today, Ireland, Korea, and Taiwan are successful and wealthy. Why do you think that other former colonies like Congo, Zimbabwe, and Haiti aren’t successful today?


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