Bigotry of Low Expectations: “Blacks need to stop resisting police — but they won’t” And It Won’t Be Their Fault When They Are Killed

May 4, 2021

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, who’s about as far left as far left goes, told “60 Minutes” host Scott Pelley that George Floyd bears zero responsibility for his own death — that it’s all due to police brutality, police racism, police officer Derek Chauvin’s brutal, racist acts.

This is a lie about Blacks and police that’s being replicated around the nation by leftists who want to destroy America.

Floyd may not be 100% responsible for his own death. Chauvin and his nine minutes of bearing down on Floyd’s neck certainly played into the final moments of life — and in fact, a jury just found the former officer guilty of unintentional second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

But had Floyd simply done what police requested-slash-ordered, he’d most likely be alive today. And that’s a common denominator in many of the police officer interactions with Blacks that turn fatal that is always, always, always pushed aside by the press, by the leftist politicians, by the Black Lives Matter movement: When police are trying to do their jobs, it’s best not to resist.

Pelley to Ellison: Does Floyd bear any responsibility for the May 2020 events that led to his death?

Ellison to Pelley: “No, he doesn’t,” The Hill reported.

Pelley to Ellison: “If he’d gotten in the car, he’d be alive today.”

Ellison to Pelley: Floyd was just having a bad day and police, who are “trained to deal with people who are having problems,” ought to have recognized this and reacted accordingly.

“[If police can] use deadly force on people who are just having a bad day,” Ellison said, “then we’re going to be in a very, very lethal situation.”

Having a bad day?

Democrats have actually suggested sending out the psychologists in place of police. But that’s not a solution to criminal behavior. That’s an enabler.

Leftists are trying to create division in America and pit populations against each other, to cause the chaos to make the Constitution appear ineffective to justify the creation of a new form of government, a socialist form of government, a total top-down form of governance that empowers the collectivists while killing individualism. Leftists are actually trying to create race wars.

But the line that police awaken each day with the intent to hunt and kill young black males is ridiculous enough that even the most cursory glance at facts and stats underscores its lunacy.

Statista reports that in 2017, there were 223 Blacks shot and killed by police; in 2018, it was 209; in 2019, it was 235; in 2020, it was 241; and in 2021, so far, 30.

The same outlet reports that in 2017, there were 457 Whites shot and killed by police; in 2018, it was 399; in 2019, it was 370; in 2020, it was 457; and in 2021, so far, 50.

The left rebuts these facts with percentages — by arguing that Blacks only account for just over 13% of the nation’s total population, while Whites, about 73%.

But consider this: Statista also found that in 2017, police shot and killed 179 Hispanics or Latinos; in 2018, it was 148; in 2019, it was 158; in 2020, it was 169; and in 2021, so far, 20.

Hispanics and Latinos make up almost 17% of America’s population.

How come we’re not talking about police targeting to kill Hispanics?

Where’s the Hispanics Lives Matter movement, with the accompanying Democratic Party blind eye support of brick-throwing good times in the streets, masked as First Amendment peaceful protests?

It’s a lie. It’s all deception. The whole police-murder-Blacks message from the left is lie and deception.

If the Black male Michael Brown in 2014 had not struggled with the White officer, Darren Wilson, then the Black male Michael Brown would probably be alive today. If the Black male Rayshard Brooks had not struggled with officers after they awakened him at the Wendy’s drive-through line in Atlanta, then the Black male Rayshard Brooks would probably be alive today. If the Black male Daniel Prude had not struggled with officers after they apprehended him running naked through the streets of Rochester, then the Black male Daniel Prude would probably be alive today.

This list goes on. See the theme?

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