Canadian tribunal fines Bill Whatcott $55,000 for expressing Christian views on “transgenderism”

Apr 9, 2019

During the British Columbia elections in the spring of 2017, Christian activist Bill Whatcott passed out hundreds of flyers notifying people that one of the local candidates for Parliament, Morgane Oger — who claimed to be a woman and dressed as a woman — was actually a man named Ronan Oger. (In fact, up until five years ago, Oger lived relatively normally as a father with his wife and two children.)

The infamous flyer – read it here.

Besides self-identifying as a “transgender woman,” Oger was no ordinary candidate. He was vice-president of B.C.’s far-left New Democratic Party (NDP). NDP promotes sexual-radical policies and Oger (as chair of the “Trans Alliance Society”) had personally pushed those issues into the British Columbia schools – which as a Christian Whatcott strongly opposes. Oger was also instrumental in the successful 2016 effort to add “gender identity” non-discrimination to B.C. law.

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