Dreasjon Reed, McHale Rose outrage. Hundreds blocked traffic in Indianapolis to protest the police-involved shootings of 2 black men.

May 9, 2020

  • INDIANAPOLIS — Friends and family of Sean Reed are remembering him after his death was live streamed on Facebook. “He was talking to me on the live,” Jazmine Reed, his sister, said. “And he was like ‘Sis I’m sorry.’ And I’m like ‘Brother what are you doing? We can’t think for them.'”
  • Indianapolis police chief talks to Dreasjon Reed’s family in emotional face-to-face exchange “Ya’ll be murdering us black people for years,” Jamie Reed, Dreasjon’s father said to Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Chief Randal Taylor. “What’s going on? What’s the investigation? What’s going on?”
  • ACLU standing up for these criminals  Paige Fernandezpolicing policy advisor with the American Civil Liberties Union, issued the following statement: “We mourn the loss of Dreasjon Reed as police yet again have robbed another Black man of his life. …fatal officer-involved shootings continue to ravage communities, particularly those of color. These police killings are not one-off incidents and are not the result of a few bad apples, but rather emblematic of the systemic problems that pervade our policing institutions.

People in their community and on social media defending these drug dealers, felons, criminals:

Big protests:


College Democrats of Indiana:

Here is the full stream – More from Donut Operator

  • He was driving like an a-hole, a traffic stop was initiated, he ran, and got into a gun battle with the cops. The Indianapolis police chief came out and said he did exchange gunfire with police before being killed. Ballistics show that Reed’s gun was fired at least twice and shell casings from two different guns were recovered from the scene. No police were harmed.
  • Police say Dreasjon Reed (left) fled from them in a car & fired shots. Hours later, McHale Rose (right) was killed when he shot at police w/a rifle in an ambush attack, police say.
  • This local report details how McHale Rose allegedly called 9/11 to report a fake incident to lure Indianapolis police to an ambush. He allegedly shot at them w/a rifle but missed & was killed in the returning fire. BLM protesters are calling this a murder. Burglary suspect fatally shot by IMPD may have called 911 in ‘ambush-style attack’   IMPD said the shooter may have called 911 to try and ambush officers.

He committed drive by shootings earlier:


#SeanReed posted about killing police. He said escaping law enforcement is “fun.” His Twitter is still up, which has photos of him using guns & a video of him in a drive by shooting. He has nearly 10k followers but no media has brought attention to his own words:

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