The Pandemic Is Turning Americans Against the Gym. That Could Be a Good Thing for the Nation’s Health

Jul 20, 2020

If they’re a person of color, non-binary, older or bigger, they may feel unwelcome in environments often overwhelmingly inhabited by young-ish, fit, white, cisgendered people. The list goes on.

A person of color “may feel intimidated to go to a predominantly white studio, but if you can get your first sample in your own home, those are small steps forward.”

Imagine how racist you have to be to live in a majority white country and be scared of white people at gyms.

T’Nisha Symone, a 10-year fitness industry veteran, says the pandemic hasn’t dissuaded her from following through on plans to open a brand new gym in New York City (Blaque, a luxury fitness club for the Black community) once it’s possible to do so.

Racial segregation is cool now.


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