Fake news propaganda suddenly concerned about social distancing and masks during Trump’s RNC speech – but had favorable coverage of the months of protests and rioting

Aug 31, 2020

20-08-29: Buzzfeed is suddenly concerned about lack of social distancing… during Trump’s RNC speech


20-08-29: MSNBC concerned about no social distancing at white house RNC speech but praises BLM protest also without social distancing:


20-08-29: New York Times concerned about social distancing at Trump speech but not march on Washington


Human Rights Campaign scolding Trump speech for no social distancing, then promotes and participates in march on washington


CNN contradicts themselves live on air


20-08-29: Leftist MSM all concerned about social distancing for coronavirus, but only during Trump’s RNC speech. The mass riots, protests, demonstrations and gatherings for BLM are OK.


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