‘Maybe’ conservatism is a ‘euphemism for white supremacy,’ Syracuse prof states during ‘White Rage’ panel

Mar 24, 2021

During a Louisiana State University event discussing the “Religion of White Rage,” one professor stated that “conservatism” is a “euphemism for white supremacy.” One state lawmaker previously expressed concern over the event.

According to a statement from Louisiana State University, “Race, Religion and the Moment We’re In: The Religion of White Rage” was supposed to “shed light on the phenomenon of white rage and map out the uneasy relationship between white anxiety, religious fervor, American identity and perceived Black racial progress.”

“Religion is a source of connection and community for many Americans; however, it is also the primary motivating factor for the rise of white rage and white supremacist sentiment in the United States. The Capitol insurrection is the latest example of this,” said panelist and Louisiana State professor Stephen Finley in the statement. “In this episode, we will hone in on this relationship between White apprehension, race and religion, and their subsequent effects on communities of color and the struggle for equality.”

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