Muslim girl says her hijab was cut up in a ‘hate crime’ attack – Prime minister Trudeau, Ontario premier, Toronto mayor tweet about it – turns out it was a hoax

Jan 15, 2018

It was the assault that pulled on the heartstrings of a nation. Khawlah Noman’s story of being attacked not once but twice by a man in his 20s who used scissors to cut her hijab garnered responses from coast-to-coast.

The media seized upon this troubling tale as camera crews rushed to her Scarborough school for a press conference several hours after the Friday morning assault happened.

“I felt really scared and confused,” Noman said as part of a broader statement, explaining she screamed and the man ran away, only to return again. “He continued cutting my hijab again.”

The public sentiments were like a deluge: they came fast and they came strong. Toronto Mayor John Tory. Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. They all issued statements. “Canada is an open and welcoming country,” posted Trudeau, “and incidents like this cannot be tolerated.”

On Monday, Toronto Police issued the following brief statement. “After a detailed investigation, police have determined that the events described did not happen,” it read. “Our investigation is concluded and we don’t expect anything further.”

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